Who Should You Vote For?

This online quiz might explain why I am not very excited about any of the candidates who are running for president this time around;

Okay, I've never heard of Mike Gravel until this moment, have you? What were your results?

Updated later: Okay, I am working on a beer at the moment and my results have changed -- I am becoming more aligned with the space alien guy, which leads me to ask, what did they put into my beer??


Christopher Dodd 80%
John Edwards 79%
Hillary Clinton 79%
Barack Obama 75%
Joe Biden 74%
Ron Paul 58%
Rudy Guiliani 34%
Fred Thompson 33%
John McCain 30%
Mike Huckabee 26%
Mitt Romney 24%
Duncan Hunter 20% (who is this??)

I really really don't like anyone who is running for the presidency. Why can't the most powerful nation on earth find even a few candidates whom I agree with, who aren't wackos?

Okay, since my results changed somewhat after a beer, I am curious as to how your results changed after you've drank a beer? A pot of coffee? Smoked a joint? or .. ?

I have conducted the beer experiment and found that I became even more like Kucinich. I plan to conduct the pot of coffee experiment tomorrow (Unfortunately, I cannot smoke weed because of asthma and allergies).

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It seems that not only should I support Dennis Kucinich, I quite probably am Dennis Kucinich... 96% agreement.

Well, I'm pretty involved in the political blogosphere, so I've heard about them all. Gravel is the crazy old guy candidate voted most likely to yell at kids to get off his lawn. That's okay; my quiz came out 90% for Kucinich, the crazy younger guy most likely to be probed by aliens.

I decided just yesterday that I am supporting Edwards. He has some funding obstacles but I believe he is the most sincere progressive candidate in the race. I think he has undergone a transformation because of the campaign trail he's been on for six years and getting outside of the Beltway bubble. He inspires me, and as much as I would like to see a woman President, Hillary just doesn't do that for me.

By carolyn13 (not verified) on 02 Jan 2008 #permalink

It seems that not only should I support Dennis Kucinich, I quite probably am Dennis Kucinich... 96% agreement.


Dennis Kucinich 98% similarity

I'm Kucinich and I approve of myself!


By student_b (not verified) on 02 Jan 2008 #permalink

Dennis Kucinich - 94%
Mike Gravel - 90%
Bill Richardson - 89%

I am seeing a very common trend with your readers. The cynic in me would ask if the Dennis Kucinich campaign sponsored the website.

this website is sponsored by the tralfamadorians, didn't you know that?

and hey, if we all like kucinich so danged much, then why is he doing so poorly?

This reminds me of the Ravenclaw thread we had here some time ago. Ravenclaws for Kucinich!

By carolyn13 (not verified) on 02 Jan 2008 #permalink

I'm not sure who we are, but it appears that everyone who responded with a comment here, and the original poster, are all the same person.

Kidding aside, Gravel and Kucinich are what I think of as soapbox candidates. They ran for the nomination only to promote their ideas in the public forum. They have no real staff, funding or ground organizations in the early primary states.

Gravel, a former senator from Alaska, has been outraged by the events of the past seven years and spent much of the debates yelling at the other candidates for their votes during the Bush years. He's for the so called Fair Tax and that is a deal breaker for me. Otherwise, I do agree with him on most issues.

Kucinich is the former mayor of Cleveland and a present Ohio member of the House of Representatives. He inserts liberal positions into the debates and for that, I really love him. However, he's a weird guy. He's short and strange looking and he talks in a bit of a high voice. He says tongue and cheek little jokes in such a dead pan manner, it is hard to tell when he is joking and sometimes he's not joking, he really means some extreme thing that should be a joke. He's a pacifist, a vegan and a new age UFO Shirley MacClaine kind of liberal.

Duncan Hunter is a California member of the House of Representatives. The buzz has been, and I don't know how true this is, the guy is a member of the KKK or at the least, very close to White Supremist circles.

As an old tree hugging hippie, I'm not touching that joint line with a ten foot pole.

By carolyn13 (not verified) on 02 Jan 2008 #permalink

They do say that when people in the US are presented with issues not candidates, Kucinich does very well indeed.

Disclaimer - I am a Kucinich supporter.

I came out Kucinich=90%/Gravel=85%/Dodd=79%. I'm going to start an organization called "Canucks for Kucinich" ;-). Never heard of the other two guys.
[shrug] Y'all just elect someone sane this time, please?

Hmmm. Curious. Is Kucinich a liberal mole?
1 Dennis Kucinich 81% similarity
2 Mike Gravel 78% similarity
3 John Edwards 72% similarity

Egads! The guy's a a raving socialist! He wants to improve health care and education! And he does't want to do it through privatization.



Kucinich 90% I was familiar with him. He's a deep green environmentalist Gravel 88% I have no familiarity with him 85% Dodd Who I understand is a pretty standard moderate/liberal democrat.

My result:

* 1 Dennis Kucinich 90% similarity
* 2 Joe Biden 84% similarity
* 3 Mike Gravel 84% similarity

As a European, I haven't got a clue who these people are. But this blog seems to be very pro-Kucinich. Or is he just the only sane human available?

Like Cecile, I'm a European and haven't a clue who any of these people are. But I seem to be of one mind with GrrlScientist:

Kucinich 89%
Gravel 85%
Richardson 81%

and hey, if we all like kucinich so danged much, then why is he doing so poorly?

Because he's not sufficiently "electable" - ie he does not conform adequately to the preferences of elite opinion makers at the NYT and the WaPo.

Well I don't have a vote in the US election and this Kucinich fella isn't high in my list.

I was suprised that Mrs Clinton scored so well.

Not sure if it is good or bad; didn't recognise most of the names.

John McCain 72%
Christopher Dodd 69%
Mike Gravel 69%
Barak Obama 68%
Duncan Hunter 66%
Mitt Romney 65%
Fred Thomson 65%
John Edwards 65%
Dennis Kucinich 62%
Bill Richardson 61%
Hillary Clinton 60%
Mike Huckabee 57%
Joe Biden 56%
Ron Paul 55%
Rudy Giuliani 54%

By Chris' Wills (not verified) on 03 Jan 2008 #permalink

That's funny....

Bob Marley 98%
Willie Nelson 97%

By AtheistAcolyte (not verified) on 03 Jan 2008 #permalink

On a similar survey, I was rated as most similar to Kucinich. I am also very disappointed in this years crop of candidates. I think it's reached the point where I won't vote for anyone stupid enough to run.

The race I want to see, though, would be between Huckabee and Edwards. A Republican populist vs. a Democratic populist. A superstitious wingnut against..... who knows?