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tags: religion, belief system, ethics, values, lifestyle Here's my results from Belief-o-matic, an online questionnaire that uses a series of 20 questions to help identify your belief system; What did this quiz tell you your belief system should be?
It's nice to know that a PhD in science is good for something .. what was your score?
Nevermind that I do not live with a cat ..
Yeah, me! Although I did spot one mistake in the test itself .. did you also see it? I Scored a 100%! Created by OnePlusYou
Even though Homeland Security is not happy about this, I am rather pleased about this discovery. How about you? 44% Created by OnePlusYou
Here's another one of those silly online quizzes for you to play with before you get down to work; 122,466 People Created by OnePlusYou Several of the people who died on my birthday throughout history include; 2007 - Mohammed Jamal Khalifa, Saudi brother-in-law of Osama bin Laden 2007 - Molly Ivins, American political columnist and author 1974 - Samuel Goldwyn, Polish-born film studio executive 1956 - A. A. Milne, English author 1944 - Jean Giraudoux, French writer 1933 - John Galsworthy, English writer, Nobel laureate
What were your results for this "Name that Drink" quiz? I admit that I need more practice; 86%DRUNKARD Created by OnePlusYou
Okay, according to this quiz, I am having a pet overpopulation problem (equivalent to 27 toilet seats), but really, are you guys doing any better? 1,483,020How Many Germs Live On Your Keyboard? Created by OnePlusYou
I am horribly, terribly disappointed with myself and my score on this stupid quiz. What was your score? (Keep in mind that I'll never speak to you again if you scored higher than I did); 78% Geek Created by OnePlusYou Okay, I am geekier than ALL OF YOU put together!! 7078% Geek Created by OnePlusYou I feel so much better now.
tags: How long can you survive in the vacuum of space, online quiz, fun and games
tags: How long can you survive if trapped in your own home, online quiz, fun and games I have a few questions; who would eat a pet if they were trapped inside their own home? And, is it possible to eat your couch and survive?
tags: How many hungry cannibals could your body feed, online quiz, fun and games I am sure that many of you wonder this very thing during those early mornings just before the sun rises.
tags: Name that Robot, online quiz, fun and games I know you all have suspected this, but now you finally have confirmation that it's true; I am not a robot geek! I correctly named three robots (or maybe four, but that would have been an accident, I assure you). Wow!
tags: online quiz, American politics It appears that I am a social liberal-progressive .. that makes more sense than simply branding me as a "liberal" since I have some rather sharp disagreements with liberals who aren't progressives .. Where do you lie along this political spectrum?
This online quiz might explain why I am not very excited about any of the candidates who are running for president this time around; Okay, I've never heard of Mike Gravel until this moment, have you? What were your results? Updated later: Okay, I am working on a beer at the moment and my results have changed -- I am becoming more aligned with the space alien guy, which leads me to ask, what did they put into my beer?? YIKES! Christopher Dodd 80% John Edwards 79% Hillary Clinton 79% Barack Obama 75% Joe Biden 74% Ron Paul 58% Rudy Guiliani 34% Fred Thompson 33% John McCain 30% Mike Huckabee…
tags: chinese new year, online quiz I am a DOG? And I am most compatible with a tiger or horse? You Should Have Been Born Under: You are totally loyal, faithful, and honest. However, you don't trust others to be as ethical as you are! Straight forward and direct, you really aren't one for small talk. You are a great listener - and an agreeable companion when you're in a good mood! You are most compatible with a Tiger or Horse. What Year Should You Have Been Born Under?
tags: christmas tree, online quiz This is a cute quiz and you have to let me know what your results were! You Are a Tinsel Tree For you, Christmas is no different than the rest of the year. And this means you do things your own way - and continue to surprise people. What Christmas Tree Are You?
tags: movies, online quiz I think this is a low point in my online quiz taking because I disagree with this prognosis. How about you -- do you agree or disagree with your own results? Your Christmas is Most Like: How the Grinch Stole Christmas You can't really get into the Christmas spirit... But it usually gets to you by the end of the holiday. What Movie Is Your Christmas Most Like?
Everyone is talking about The Golden Compass -- a movie that I had no idea was being made or released or even premiered this past weekend -- a movie that is based on a series of books that I've never read and have only vaguely heard about. But my readers have fixed that literary oversight for me because you have sent the entire "His Dark Materials" trilogy to me, and I plan to start reading it as soon as I get a couple book reviews finished in the next few days. (Oh, I also plan to see the movie as soon as I've finished reading the first book). But a quick look around the internet has yielded…
tags: christmas stocking, online quiz Here is an amusing online quiz for you to play with -- I don't know about you, but I sure hope that my stocking is filled with the goodies that the quiz predicted for me! You Christmas Stocking Will Be Filled with Money You've either been really really good this year... Or Santa is trying to pay you off! What Will Be In Your Christmas Stocking?