Where Do You Lie Along the Political Spectrum?

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It appears that I am a social liberal-progressive .. that makes more sense than simply branding me as a "liberal" since I have some rather sharp disagreements with liberals who aren't progressives ..

Where do you lie along this political spectrum?

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I'm a bit down and to the left of you. I suspect I'm veering towards "old fashioned socialist" on this chart. Or "moderate social democrat" in civilised countries. :-)

Where Do You Lie Along the Political Spectrum?

"I'm a politician, so I never lie"

Oh, and who's the guy with the red and blue rabbit ears hiding just behind Hillary?


I'm a bit closer to the top and a fair bit further to the left.

I question Ron Paul's position on that spectrum, though. There's no way he's more of a social liberal than he is a social conservative.

I'm in the absolute top left... so: Yay for dirty hippy socialism!


Well, it's a very USA specific questionnaire, so it's hardly significant for someone not from there like me.

By student_b (not verified) on 09 Jan 2008 #permalink

Pretty limited really... I should be completely off the scale (to the left/liberal side - my ideal society is Iain M. Banks' Culture), but many of those questions are worded so that my actual positions are completely inexpressible.

I'm right there with Cairnarvon, straight over Hillary's left edge (and she's the economic-liberalest of the bunch? I don't think so - maybe Kucinich is off the chart!), and just a smidgen below the very top. What do you mean, GS, in distinguishing "progressives" from "liberals"? Krugman makes the case for activism as the differentiating factor - that a progressive is just a liberal who gets out there and does something about it - but I'm not sure that usage is common.

What the! I'm at the same vertical level as obama, but exactly in the middle horizontally.

Then again, I know absolutely nothing about the economy... which is probably why I'm so conservative in that regard.

More random comments: Look exclusively at any given issue, and a bunch of people disappear. I wanted to see where they put Obama and me in regards to the environment, but he ain't there.?

I'm right up there just slightly to the left of Obamamamamama,which is reasonably accurate. I see myself as socially liberal, fiscally somewhat conservative, unless I'm drunk.

I meant slightly to the right of Obama. I guess that's what I get for making fun of him.

My circle is about the same as yours, maybe a little higher and to the left slightly. I agree with Dunc. I had trouble placing myself on the scale on many of the questions. There are nuances and qualifiers that this quiz just couldn't reflect.

By carolyn13 (not verified) on 10 Jan 2008 #permalink

See that line called economics, well I'm on that; below Obamas picture. So Just Economic Left and Socially Neutral.

By Chris' Wills (not verified) on 10 Jan 2008 #permalink

I'm just as progressive as you, and somewhat to the left.

I have no idea what the "labels" progressive and liberal mean. However, I wind up somewhat to the "right" of Obama and somewhat "below" him. However, as one commenter stated, the questions asked didn't exactly match my issues. Apparently being totally against the Iraq war is enough to make you liberal in this quiz. I tend to be conservative when it comes to immigrants and I'm not all that sure I want the government controlling every little thing. We've had 7 years of that already.

While I have already mentally disposed of any Republican candidate, I have yet to see any Democratic candidate disavow the pratices of the "Unitary Executive" and disown all the extra-constitutional powers that Bush/Cheney has heaped upon themself. I imagine Hillary and Obama are salivating at the thought..............

I'm pretty pissed that Kucinich is not listed as a Democratic candidate on that chart. I may "agree" most with Obama according to this quiz, but in reality Obama is not a progressive at all.