Talking Cat

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This kitty has a lot to say, don't you think? But what is this cat talking about? The owner's translation; "Hello, Hello, Hello, I Know Hello, Hello Hello Hello. Hello. I'm Alone, I'm on my own, I'm Alone, I know hello." [0:26]

More about the cat, Tiggy.

My cat can say hello, she only does it when shes looking for you though once you call her or she sees you she'll stop so I had to set the camera up and leave it for awhile until she did it. She does this at least 10 times a day shes does it in the morning when she wants us to get up, in the night when shes bored and wants us to get up and when shes finished eating and want to know what room were in (which is what shes doing in this video hence the lip licking, shes cleaning them). Its nothing to do with hairballs as she never coughs up a hairball after doing it Its not because shes in heat she was spayed around 14 years ago, shes 16.

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Cats can sometimes be real chatty.

I've heard that cats usually end up vocalizing to their staff owners because they learn early on that we don't respond to their 'language' of scents and body language. I've noticed cats will tend to make noises that they are exposed to in early life (not as well as a bird, obviously.) I've heard cats that sound exactly like a crying baby, this leads me to believe that there is some truth to the idea that they learn to vocalize to enhance communication with people.

It sounds to me like you have a particularly social cat, the calling is simply to get your attention.

My cat talks to me all the time. He is particularly talkative when he wants food and when he sees me after an absence, such as when I get in from work.

they learn to vocalize to enhance communication with people

I can buy that. I have one cat who's very physical -- always climbing on me, demanded to be petted, that sort of thing. My other cat absolute hates to be held, and only wants to be petted at arm's length. However, she chats up a storm. She seems to really enjoy a nice "conversation." In fact, if I imitate some feline vocalizations like chuffing, mews, meows, etc., she will respond in kind. Often if I have a visitor or am on the phone, she'll walk and start talking a blue streak, just to build some social group cohesion. If she's feeling particular affectionate, she makes a kind of clicking sound with he teeth that sounds amazingly like blowing a kiss.

That said, there's another video of a talking cat making the rounds, and that cat is definitely saying, "I intend to bring up a hairball very shortly."

"Talky" cats are the greatest! One of the best times I've ever had at a party was when I got into a long conversation with the hosts' Siamese. We must have sat there meowing back and forth for close to half an hour. Everyone else thought I must have been blown away on 17 kinds of bad $#!+. Nope, it was just ginger ale and regular food..... unless someone put something funky in it when I wasn't looking.....

By themadlolscientist (not verified) on 05 Mar 2008 #permalink

I dunno what the cat is saying but when I played this video, my kitty "miss nora charles" was sleeping next to me. She sat bolt upright and started looking around very concerned about the cat that was talking in "HER" house. She absolutely detests other cats .... Heh heh heh. I tried to get her to focus on the computer screen but she would have none of it, trying instead to peer around the back looking for that intruder cat... very interesting behavior.

my cats did the same katchaya. I sometimes show them YouTube clips of other cats to entertain them. But this one they found unusually distressing.

I'm convinced to this day our neighbours cat (when I was a kid) was able to ask specifically for "milk!", by meowing in a way that sounded like the word. The other trick he used to do, in the evenings when mum and dad had chucked him out for the night (he wasn't our cat after all) was to wait within sight of the back door until he saw either me or my sister alone in the kitchen, then he would approach the (glass) door and do a silent "meow" (no sound - just opening his mouth) so we'd notice him and discreetly let him in, he'd then slink quietly into the living room and conceal himself out of sight. Inevitably my dad would later be woken up at 4 in the morning by a cat he didn't know was in asking to be let out!

That was one fiendishly bright feline.

Oh, cats definitely learn to communicate. Mine has several distinct vocalizations, and she actually changed one of them after I got her at a year old. (Adapting to my hearing loss!)

Gremlin does the "where are you" thing too, and tries to lead me not only to the foodbowl, but upstairs to my bed (for cuddling/brushing).

By David Harmon (not verified) on 08 Mar 2008 #permalink

My cats definitely do this too, especially when I'm trying to sleep. They didn't like this video much though, after jumping up like an intruder was in the house, they started licking each others' faces, which quickly devolved into one pinning the other on the floor with a big chunk of neck in his teeth. No more cat videos for them . . .