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April is National Poetry Month, and I plan to post one poem per day every day this month (If you have a favorite poem that you'd like me to share, feel free to email it to me). My poetry suggestions are starting to run dry, which means I can start posting my own favorites (but you've seen many of those already) or you can send me your favorite poems, which I probably haven't read before! Today's poem was suggested by a reader, Digital Cuttlefish, who writes; "Another poet, perhaps known to you, that I only recently (I blush to admit) discovered, but have immediately fallen for, is the new Poet Laureate of the U.S., Charles Simic. On there are some audiorecordings of him reading a few ("in the library" is particularly nice [1:13]), and other of his poems can be found here and there. [ ... ] I will leave you with a favorite."


She was about to chop the head
In half,
But I made her reconsider
By telling her:
"Cabbage symbolizes mysterious love."

Or so said one Charles Fourier,
Who said many other strange and wonderful things,
So that people called him mad behind his back,

Whereupon I kissed the back of her neck
Ever so gently,

Whereupon she cut the cabbage in two
With a single stroke of her knife.

-- Charles Simic, US Poet Laureate 2008, The Book of Gods and Devils (Harvest Books; 1990).

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