My Body Makes a Really Crappy Human Shield

Even though Homeland Security is not happy about this, I am rather pleased about this discovery. How about you?


Created by OnePlusYou

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Fun idea, but not particularly well quantified.

It would do better with a few precise questions about height, weight, BMI, and whatever else genuinely factors in rather than all that subjective somewhat/average/mostly stuff.

But, again, fun, assuming I didn't just ruin it for everybody else.

By Jason Failes (not verified) on 29 Jul 2008 #permalink

Is that figure in the upper right corner supposed to be a radar dish or an archer?

Or maybe it's a dinosaur footprint?

By Pierce R. Butler (not verified) on 29 Jul 2008 #permalink

I got 36%
And that figure in the upper-right is obviously a soldier preparing to fire a wide-angle sonic destruction cannon.

58%, which ain't too shabby.

But bear in mind, I'm a logistical nightmare.

I'm a 36er as well.
Given averagish height and weight I must be cr*p in the other criteria. Which is probably a good thing.

Once again, American laziness FTW.

80%. You can all hide behind me.