Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Poster 8

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Which Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince poster is your favorite? After you've seen them all (I've found ten so far), I am going to ask you to vote for your favorite!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince;

Poster 1 (also includes trailer number one and interview with the characters).

Poster 2.

Poster 3.

Poster 4.

Poster 5.

Poster 6.

Poster 7.

Poster 8.

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I like poster one because it shows me two things. one, is the vast job ahead for harry and two, an eventual vast ending of peace.

I liked poster 4 the most!it illustrates a picture directly taken from the book,no changes!really interesting.The rest look like they were made by amateurs!

I liked the poster whcich said The war has only just begun

By Philip Pearce (not verified) on 07 Aug 2008 #permalink

nice pster, when this coming...

number eight is my fave by far, the others look WAY too fake!

#8 looks really good!