Two Peculiar Kitchen Gadgets You'll Love

Jumbo Jerky Works is a gun that shoots beef jerky. The barrel of the Jerky Works Gun conveniently holds one pound of meat, which means less reloading for you. It comes with five spice packets and three different nozzles, each of which "shoots" a different style: strips, double strips, or sticks.

I was wandering around the internet and found a Popular Mechanics piece about ten strange kitchen items, so I am showing you two of those items that I thought you might be intrigued by. The above gadget is something that guys will love, especially while drinking beer and watching football. It's a modern culinary response to the age-old question; "Where's the beef?" It's a gun that shoots beef jerky, so guys who are busy drinking and watching the game can shoot pieces of jerked beef into their pals' mouths without having to get off the couch! Oh, and hang on, what's that on the lower left corner of the image??

Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker. It needs no electricity (and doesn't need to sit in the freezer for 12 hours in advance). Just fill the two compartments in the ball with ice cream base and rock salt and shake (or play catch) for twenty minutes. Available in both pint (2 pounds; makes 1 pint) and mega (3 pounds; makes 1 quart) sizes, and a rainbow of colors.

This is the perfect gift for ice cream lovers, especially parents who bring their kids to the park. They can give their kids a couple of these balls and have them play catch for 20 minutes. After the kids are exhausted by this unusual level of physical activity, they can be rewarded by eating freshly made iscream!


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Back in the day I worked in a Mexican restaurant that used actual caulking guns to splootch refried beans onto plates of tortilla chips to make nachos. Me and the other night janitors used to have epic bean battles in the kitchen after everyone else left (why not? we had to clean the place up anyway). One could really get some distance with those suckers.

By Sven DiMilo (not verified) on 13 Sep 2008 #permalink

raw beef? ah, pooh. well, real men eat raw cows, still bleeding and mooing, don't they?

Sven -- having worked in a few restaurants in my time, your bean battles make me laugh. i never had the opportunity to do battle with beans, but i became a great stealth fighter with whipped cream.

i cant believe i stumbled upon this worthless US shit. What a waste of everything...

beans? we had a sour cream caulking gun for the chili toppers. one of my jobs was refilling the canisters every few days.