Genius Bird

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This interesting National Geographic video shows how Bernd Heinrich designed an experiment to test the intelligence of ravens [2:07].

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There is a wild avocado tree on North Garfield Street in Alhambra, California. (The fruits are very small). When the fruits ripen, the ravens come for a feast. They will defend the tree, trying to drive off unwary pedestrians.

In neighboring San Marino, I've seen ravens at a four-way-stop intersection dropping the acorns from live oaks onto crosswalks, but only on the right side of the road. Here is where cars go the slowest as they come to a stop, and then pull away, breaking the acorn hulls. Cars going over acorns at higher speed shatter them, so apparently ravens like their acorn meat chunky style, not creamy.

Thanks for posting this. I remember seeing it on televsion a long time ago and it stuck with me ever since. It's great to have a copy of it. Thanks again.