Name That Element!

Name That Element

It's nice to know that a PhD in science is good for something .. what was your score?

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Does everyone get the same test? I knew a little of the history of names, so I wasn't thrown by kalium, stibnium, stannum, ferrum, or aurum.

And when you are a native Romance language-speaker, it's even easier ;-)

I'm wondering though, about the color quiz (on same page). Is there a preferred region in the RGB cube for errors? (And by the way, how are the named colors distributed in the RGB cube?)

By Jérôme ^ (not verified) on 02 Dec 2008 #permalink

Wow, 80%! I'm quite shocked at my recollection of high school chemistry class. I thought I had filled all that space up with various computer languages and sci-fi trivia.

100%. That wasn't even tough. It does seem everyone gets the same test. They didn't try to throw any curveballs: Au vs. Ag, As vs. At, Tl vs. Tm. Heh.

By dr. pablito (not verified) on 02 Dec 2008 #permalink

100%, they should have included some of the more unusual ones like Cs or Rh.
Of course, 4 years of compiling monthly ICP analytical data and some GDMS data, into usable tables, tends to mean I can do them in my sleep.

93% but I have been out of science for 10 years and only have a MS and an ABD

I got 100% and all I have is high school chemistry. I had to guess at Sb which wasn't hard since I knew all the other possible answers. Did I earn a science nerd badge that I can wear with pride?


Only is you also remember atomic weights, electronegativity and possible oxidation states of these elements :)

By Alex Besogonov (not verified) on 02 Dec 2008 #permalink

80%, which is not too bad for me.

But I managed 100% on the soda test. I don't know what this might mean, and I don't think I want to know.

By BobbyEarle (not verified) on 03 Dec 2008 #permalink

93%. But then I haven't done any chemistry in over 9 years (since I finished my A-Levels).

Hang on a second, It's 9 years since I finished my A-Levels? Fuck I'm old!