A Very Unusual Hunting Strategy

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This astonishing video shows a Golden Eagle, Aquila chrysaetos, who has developed an unusual hunting strategy to capture and kill prey that is much larger than itself: grabbing and throwing live goats off a cliff [7:19]

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If you've been with Tet Zoo since the beginning (early 2006), you will know that, again and again and again and again, we've been coming back to the fact that large eagles, like Golden eagles Aquila chrysaetos, can and do kill surprisingly large mammalian prey (weighing over 100 kg in cases). And…
Last night Julia sent me a link to a video of a Golden Eagle swooping down into a Montreal park, picking up an infant/toddler and lifting it several feet into the air before dropping it and flying off.  Since then many on the Intertubes have declared the video to be a fake while others insist it…
No time for anything new (err, just a tad busy at the moment), so here's something else from the Tet Zoo archives. This article originally appeared on ver 1 in April 2006 and appears here in slightly modified form. In previous articles we've looked at the ability of large eagles - the Golden…
You know the drill: Someone claims to see a golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) but then some wise-ass bird expert has to tell them that "Immature bald eagles are often mistaken for golden eagles. You saw a bald eagle, not a golden eagle." Reminds me of the bird expert lady in The Birds (which we…

It looks like an ibex (Capra pyrenaica) in Spain. And, to tell the truth, I smell a fake; the eagle is too close for comfort, at least in Europe.
What's your thought?

Marco Ferrari

Goat looking up while menacing music plays, switch to shot of eagle. Goat bleats. So much of this is edit-staged jeopardy, though there are some spectacular shots of this eagle in flight.

I call falconry. The cool flight shots are a breeze for a falconer.

Long ago, I saw film at a falconer's meet where a guy had trained a golden to latch onto a deer's butt till the trainer could get there and dispatch the thing. Weird.

I think the shot where the bird grabs the goat's leg and drops it off the cliff is at least possible, but that long, smooth descending glide with goat in foot and a perfect camera angle is a total con job.

My vote: as staged as a Marty Stouffer film.

The video might be real, but I think the sound was dubbed - I don't think you'd hear the goat bouncing from a hundred yards away, as in the very last sequence. Maybe with a shotgun mike.