Trailer: Everyone Poops

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If you saw the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are, then you will recognize that this streaming video is a satire of that, providing us with a humorous look at the children's book, Everyone Poops [1:18]

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Sorry to see this so late, but I was off-line for Passover and just got back. I'm commenting, with very little hope that anyone reviews 3-day old posts :-)...

The video rminds me of a story that I tell every fall. We all know that all animals take in food, process it for energy, that the process is not 100% efficient (thank you, Mr. Entropy, sir!), and excrete the remainder (poop). Plants also take in food, through their roots and leaves, also process it for energy, and are also friends with Mr. Entropy so they are not 100% efficient either. So where does the waste go? Why into vacuoles in the leaves! and when they fill up, the tree sheds its leaves and in the spring, it grows a new set with new empty vacuoles ready for storing another years waste! So...

In the fall, when you go to the mountains to view "the fall color," what you are seeing is millions of trees all taking a simultaneous dump!