Seattle Busker, Phinneas Phogg

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This interesting video is an interview with Chris and Phineas Phogg, who entertain crowds at the Pike Place Market in my other home, Seattle. In this video, Chris talks about about their lives as Buskers. This video reminds me of my own beloved Congo African Grey parrot, Zazu, who died while under the care of a so-called Veterinary Technician while I was in the hospital. I always want another Grey parrot, but watching this video makes me especially miss my parrot, and my home. [5:30]

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Are parrots susceptible to bird mites? And if so, what do their owners do about that? Other than live in misery...

parrots are susceptible to bird mites. a few trips to the veterinarian, combined with good husbandry, takes care of the problem.

Hehe... Phineas is a cutie! I have to say too, he looks really really good, no feather chewing or anything, and very social. Our grey (Felix) is a sweetie and does seem to enjoy being upside down and on her back at times, though we're still working on the ``not chewing our flesh off while doing so'' part. :)

This makes me wonder even more whether she'd appreciate some time in the backyard with us - only in a travel cage though, but still.

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