Biblical Morality... So What?

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This video is an interesting testament to why one man is an atheist, and what forms the root of human morals. My opinion? Let's just say that I prefer Aesop's fables to the bible [7:06]

Most christians know less about morality than Stephen Hawking knows about ballroom dancing!

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Let's just say that I prefer Aesop's fables to the bible

Aesop's does have a higher percentage of talking animals.

By Trin Tragula (not verified) on 20 May 2009 #permalink

Gisburne is the man.

Is it just me or does it seem like, though the video ends, this man continues to abide in this black phantom zone space, and continues talking, at that same pace and tone of voice, on this and related topics, forever?

"When did she lose the right to raise her child the way she wishes?"

When the child becomes a separate conscious person.

By Alex Besogonov (not verified) on 21 May 2009 #permalink

Why isn't it OK for that woman to tell the state what medical treatment her child will or will not receive? If she had chosen to abort the child some 13 1/2 to 14 years ago, that would have been legal. When did she lose the right to raise her child the way she wishes?

You seem to answer your own question. Would it be acceptable for the woman to perform a post-partum abortion on a child in the 55th trimester?

By Trin Tragula (not verified) on 21 May 2009 #permalink

It would make sense, but i NEVER heard any christian saying that the Bible is THE source of morality... Actualy, i never heard any christian saying that without the capital letters... Nor did i hear that the Bible is A source of morality...

In the same way, i never heard a muslim saying the same about the Qur'an etc.. And i use to listen and read a lot what the christians, muslims, jews and atheists have to say..

So it is a a response to nothing (although I do agree that many christians know less about morality than Stephen Hawking knows about ballroom dancing). So this video is not really honest. The quotation he used is a good example of that, if you look at the verse in its original context, say, Mark 3:20-30, you will understand the real meaning of the passage...


@7: Fellipe, you evidently don't get out very much if no Christian in your experience has ever claimed that the Bible is a source for morality. Just Google 'Biblical morality' or similar phrases and you'll find tens of thousands of pages. However, if you are still not willing to recognise these Christian voices, I'm more than happy to accept your conclusion: that there are NO moral lessons to be had from the Bible. In saying that, you do indeed invalidate the video, but in doing so you simultaneously invalidate most of the teachings of Jesus. What meaning do his parables have if they are not intended to teach lessons of morality?

And evidently there are no lessons in satire to be found in the Bible either because the 'moral' of the 'burglar story' was meant to be a joke.

The only way Ãsop's Fables could be improved is by the inclusion of Narwhals.

Nick, yeah, i was not quite right when i said that christians don't say that Bible is A source of morality, but you must also admit that it is not very common to listen that it is THE source for morality. I checked the part of "Mere Christianity", which, as everyone knows, is one of the most influential and most read christian books, and it had no reference to the Bible whatsoever! In fact, it stated that christian morality is one of the many moral systems out there. And that you don't have to be a christian to be a good, "moral" person.
My intention was not to "invalidate" the video, but i sustain that it is a response to nothing - in the sense that it is just a handful of fanatic christians that say such statments as "the Bible is the source of morality. Without it you're an immoral person". So they won't listen to what an anti-religion preacher will say. The guys that will listen are the guys who know something about morality and have more than one neuronium.
The kind of thing you said on the video is what makes non-religious people a joke among religious people: It will look like a guy that cares too much about God, and instead of simple denying his existence, like a "neutral", "rational" part, try to be the "opposition" and say shocking things, showing that he is very courageous not to fear hell, punishement, God and all the silly superstition..

wow, EVERY person i know, and whom i've ever known, who is a christian and who is aware that i am an atheist invariably lectures me about my immorality that stems from my rejection ALL religions. according to them, i am "immoral" because people cannot possibly have any morals that are separate from a supreme being who terrifies them into behaving themselves.

where are these christians who think that religion is just one of many ethical systems of behavior? i've never met one, and i've lived all over the USA as well as visiting several countries, and never met any of these people, not one!