Kuhl's Lorikeet Conservation: 'Ura: The Spirit of the Queen, 3

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This informative video discusses the conservation of one of my research birds, the Rimatara (Kuhl's) Lory, Vini kuhlii, known by the natives as the 'Ura. Not only is this bird's story interesting, but it also exemplifies the complications and challenges of conserving any endangered species. This is part three of a three-part series [8:46]

If you wish to read more about this bird, I've written a few essays about this program and its progress over the years; The Return of the Rimatara Lory, Endangered Rimatara Lories Making Babies! and Rimatara Lorikeets: Returning From the Edge.

If you would like to help save this rare and beautiful parrot, go to the World Parrot Trust to learn more.

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