So .. You think You Know H$U$? Think Again!

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This video shows you a little information about the Humane Society of the United States or H$U$ -- is a tax-free corporation that supports terrorist organizations while pretending to the public that they raise funds to provide shelter to homeless animals. Terrorist? What can I possibly mean? Watch this video and find out ... [2:27]


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Obviously this a bad way to fight for animal rights, like all other animal groups embracing violence they should be dealt with by the legal authorities. However, who the US considers to be a terroristorganisation is in many cases pretty irrelevant. It is less than a year ago since Rice commented that it is embarrasing that she can not meet with the leaders of South Africa since the US still listed the ANC as a terrorist organisation.

There may be a case to be made against HSUS, but a scattershot blast of guilt-by-association by an undefined acronym leaning on an unsourced newspaper ad and old rock music doesn't do it. Was this clip created by some unemployed Republican National Committee staffer?

How 'bout a link or two - y'know, something to actually lay out an argument?

By Pierce R. Butler (not verified) on 27 May 2009 #permalink

I don't know much (anything really) about the Humane Society of the US, but I do volunteer at my local humane society. It does rescue animals, houses them, adopts them, and has its own hospital to run a spay/neuter program and take care of sick animals (for free) that have no where else to go. It does not donate money to terrorist groups (or anywhere else) - it HAS no money to donate, and it runs largely off volunteer labor, with a very small number of underpaid (about $8.50/hour) staff.
I just want to be sure that people don't think their local humane societies are the same as the national one. Actually, it's quite a problem for local humane societies, because they run on donations, but a lot of the people who give big donations give it to the national organization, thinking that the money will be distributed to rescue organizations nationwide, and that their local one will receive a piece of the pie. This is not how it happens. If you want to give money to a humane society, PLEASE give it to your local one. They really are in the business of saving animals, not politics or terrorism.
Also, at least at the humane society I volunteer at, very, very few of the people who work or volunteer there have extremist views when it comes to animal rights.

Yeah, I was really swayed by the rock music and the lack of any substantive links to anything at all. Couldn't they get "Oh Fortuna!" or whatever it is, the scary music the GOP uses?

I guess you did the least you could do; you wrote a few lines and imbedded a video.

Wow. I STILL don't know the H$U$ and you've done nothing to change that.

T. Hunt

The funny thing is the "evidence" all comes from the Center for Consumer Freedom. A group even WORSE than the RNC, as hard to believe as that may be.
These people. Yes, the same ultra-conservative thinktank that say tobacco doesn't cause cancer, fruit and vegetables will kill you, and Trans fats are good for you. The same people that run PhysicianScam and Being overweight just means you're extra healthy! The same folks that saw through the lies and knew Charlottes Web for the attack on the pork industry that it was!

Not a good horse to hitch your wagon to.

By JThompson (not verified) on 27 May 2009 #permalink

Why is terrorism in the name of "animal liberation" becoming such a popular thing? PETA, SHAC - is there no end to the loon supply? I even found out that a vegetarian/vegan restaurant that I really liked supported animal terrorist groups; needless to say I never went back and I tell my friends not to go there because they fund animal terrorists.

By MadScientist (not verified) on 27 May 2009 #permalink

This sounds like green scare hysteria to me. Humane societies have long been committed to the protection of animal life wherever it occurs. That includes a stance against many scientific uses of animals for experiment and testing.

The HSUS's disaster and emergency services are well organized and effective. I have been following the Three Strikes Ranch rescue via other blogs and organizations. Their comments on HSUS have been generally favorable. Actually, the least favorable comment that I read was that they didn't bring enough sandwiches. You may not know of this particular train wreck, but you may have heard of Katrina. No pretending there.