That Investigative WSB-TV Piece That H$U$ Doesn't Want You to See

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I have followed this video as it has been removed from YouTube and been suppressed several times due to legal bullying by the activist and terrorist organization, the Humane Society of the United States (H$U$). This investigative report, which appeared a couple weeks ago on WSB TV [channel 2 in Atlanta], reveals that H$U$ uses misinformation to trick the public into thinking they are donating funds to build local shelters for homeless pets, and to help rescue pets separated from their owners due to natural disasters. In fact, according to this investigative report (and even by HSUS's own admission on this video!), this is not where these funds go at all. Fortunately, the video has found a safe haven in a most unlikely place where it will hopefully not be deleted again: the Iranian Video Sharing site, Vidoosh [3:37]

Some people are reporting trouble uploading this video, but if you click here, it should solve the problem


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Ahahahaha; oh, the irony, it's killing me with laughter. While tyrannical tactics are employed to suppress speech in the "free world", the speech finds a safe haven in a country the news loves to depict as a backward authoritatian state (hey, I'll agree with the authoritarian bit, the backward bit is dubious, and I love the Iranians though not their government).

By MadScientist (not verified) on 03 Jun 2009 #permalink

It's still not as bad as PETA. PETA has the most bogus ways of attracting donors by using celebrities and shock tactics. Then the money they receive goes to buying walk in freezers as they kill about 90% of the animals they claimed to have saved. At least the HSUS actually use the money in semi benefit to animals. (Isn't lobbing the way that laws get passed in this country?)