TONIGHT in NYC: Josh Rosenau Speaks About Adventures in the Defense of Evolution: From Kansas to Turkey to New York

Who: Josh Rosenau, policy analyst at the National Center for Science Education
What: free public presentation, "Adventures in the Defense of Evolution: From Kansas to Turkey to New York"
Where: SLC Conference Center, 352 7th avenue (between 29th and 30th streets), 16th floor.
When: 700pm, Tuesday, 4 August

"That's not a problem here, right?," New Yorkers ask when they hear what Josh Rosenau does for a living. Rosenau is a policy analyst at the National Center for Science Education, where he defends the teaching of evolution against creationism. He and his colleagues have tracked attacks on evolution in every state and in dozens of countries. In the last few years, creationists in New York have filed bills in the state legislature and pushed creationism into classes from grade school to college. What drives this movement, and what can New Yorkers do to help?

Rosenau will draw on his work at NCSE, and also on his experience as a graduate student in biology at the University of Kansas during that state's struggle over statewide science standards. Since leaving Kansas for the California-based NCSE, he has defended honest science standards in Texas and Florida as well, worked to block anti-evolution bills in a dozen states, and squared off against Ben Stein. When not battling creationists, he writes about developments in progressive politics and the sciences on his blog Thoughts from Kansas.


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Am delighted to have met finally in the flesh. Thought Josh gave a fine presentation, but he forgot that a pro-ID bill was submitted twice by the same legislator from central New York state, and each time, thankfully, it died in committee. I have also heard where a New Jersey high school has had a teacher who organized a "field trip" to Ken Ham's bastion of intellectual depravity in KY (The permanent Flintstones exhibit known as the Creation Museum.). Apparently there's been another attempt at organizing such a trip at the high school in question (I believe it was discussed over at Panda's Thumb back in June.).

By John Kwok (not verified) on 05 Aug 2009 #permalink