Test Your Faith Vision

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This video is a timed quiz and it asks, "Among all the horrible things in the world, how quickly can you pick out our loving Creator's blessings?" Find out with this simple quiz. [4:33]

What was your score on this quiz? My score indicates that I should give up and go back to my sinful way of life. YEEhaw! I can hardly wait!

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Okay, you got me. Q1 was annoyingly authentic. So was Q2, but it pissed me off, given his statements at the time. But as it went on I realized what was happening. (Q8 a dead giveaway.) Excellent...

haha! you must be the most clever person ever!! so i either follow blindly and I am a "religious nut" or I choose and am a "religious nut"! so no matter what, faith = idiot and I am dumb for not not believing! it all makes sense, i guess you really are awesome!thanks a lot for your video! your time and effort are not overlooked!