Bill Maher Explains the Healthcare Crisis

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I am one of more than 40 million Americans who cannot afford health care -- and I think America SHOULD have government-funded health care, as Bill Maher points out so eloquently in less than two minutes.

When I had surgery (to place a titanium plate into my badly fractured wrist) in Finland, my hospital gown covered everything, and it was made from real fabric, not that see-through tissue paper that is used in American hospitals. So Maher's observation has more merit than even he might realize ...

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a few years back, i had a serious problem with my left arm. excruciating pain for most any movement was the norm. multiple doctors in the US charged me more than $1500, and universally called it tendinitis.

a few months later when the pain returned while in rural France, i saw a local doctor. he determined most of my pain was a complication of a compressed nerve in my spine.

several visits, xrays, drugs, and therapy advice later, i was out a grand total of about $200.

a single xray alone in most US locations is more than that, and if memory serves, i had 10 xrays taken. his office visits were ON TIME, meaningful and lengthy, and the folks at the xray place were seriously interested in getting the films done right, not in whether or not i could afford to pay for it.

give me european health care any day.

40 Million Americans who can't afford healthcare? Where's your proof of that? What about the fact that 40% of American household with no health care have a household income of over 50k? Thanks for coming out.

The figure for the 40m of American who are uninsured comes from the US Census Bureau (this is just the first google hit from them I got, so it may not be the most up to date). Grrl is obviously assuming that almost all of them don't have it because they can't afford it.

Incidentally, where do you get your 40% figure from?

the 40 million americans without health care statistic came from the US Census Bureau News and is widely accepted and cited by both political conservatives and liberals as being true. your (ahem) "fact" needs a citation since i've never heard that and it is not as widely mentioned in MSM nor by either conservatives or liberals. without the the same standard of proof that you demand from me, your "fact" is just nothing more than the raving of a hate-filled wingnut.