Bill Maher New Rules with Jay Leno: The Sorry Party

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Yet another brilliant series of cultural observations from Bill Maher. Why doesn't this guy run for president?

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Why doesn't Bill Maher run for president? Then instead of a creationist president as we had with the last administration, we'd have a medical woo president. Is that really such a good idea?

Besides, no atheist could ever get elected in the USA.

Do you really want a president who doesn't accept the germ theory of disease?

Besides, he was born in Kenya.

Or that's what I heard on Fox, anyway...

By Cuttlefish (not verified) on 25 Aug 2009 #permalink

no seriously? he doesn't think the germ theory is valid? then how does he think people get sick? evil spirits?

wow, i had no idea he was such a wingnut. now who am i going to promote as a rational atheist? are there any rational atheists out there, besides me? (and i've not exactly been doing my best writing these past few months, so i don't count).

I guess he's one of the "toxins/environment" people who thinks that the bacteria just show up after you're already sick.

Those guys never can explain the fact very basic observations in the lab relating to infectious disease experiments.

I believe things can turn into other things, just add a few billion years and anything is possible. Creationist losers!

Bill Maher has taken up where George Carlin left off.
Except it took Carlin a few decades to become a completely vile, spewer of venom in his old age.
Bill is on the fast track, and hates anything that would remind him of maturity, which he rebels against.