Breaking News: ScienceBlogs and National Geographic Team Up!

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I have friends at National Geographic, so I was most pleased to read early this morning (last night, USA time), that ScienceBlogs and National Geographic have teamed up to provide outstanding science and nature content to the public!

I am sure it has not been a mystery to any of you that ScienceBlogs and National Geographic share the same ultimate mission: to cultivate widespread interest in science and the natural world. Starting today, SB-NG will work together to advance this common mission by providing new content, applications, and initiatives. For its part, ScienceBlogs will invite acclaimed voices from National Geographic into our public discussion, and National Geographic will invite their worldwide audience to join this conversation. The rumor is that ScienceBlogs will likely a few new SciBlings in addition to our larger audience. Of course, we all hope you'll share with us your ideas and feedback for how this partnership can be made as valuable as possible for you.

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