How It's Made: French Freedom Fries

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Long, skinny French fries .. are NOT EXTRUDED! Toldyaso! Don't believe me? Watch this video! Yes, I win this argument! Muahahahaha!

Vinegar on fries? Ew! But that's how those wacky Brits eat "chips", I guess.

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Well, if would have used a little common sense,they would have realized that extruding potatoes would have created mashed potatoes. ^_^

salt and vinegar is a good way to eat them (yes, it's a brit thing), but i've also enjoyed them with tartar sauce and whipping cream (separately, of course)...

FYI -- some locations, like In 'n Out, run each and every potato through a sieve blade that slices them whole with skin on: place the potato on the blade, bring the weighted lever down which forces the potato through the sieve/blade, and voilà, "french" fries...

i prefer my french fries long and skinny, dipped in either curry mustard or salsa.