A Brief History of the United States of America

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This video explains the intimate relationship between guns, freedom and racism. Yes, I know there are exceptions to this guns-freedom-racism link, but I grew up among morons like this, and I couldn't escape from their festering hatred fast enough.

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Ahh, Michael Moore. The best source for unbiased information. Yes, the NRA was founded in the same year President Grant signed the KKK Act. It was founded by two Northern officers, and the first President of the NRA had served for the Union in the Civil War. In fact, Ulysses S. Grant (who signed the laws against the KKK) was the NRA's 8th president.

Michael Moore is willing to use any emotional argument to persuade people, and has never let fact get in his way.

One of the reasons that guns are so prevalent in the US hearkens back to before the Revolution.

With little government, militias were formed to keep the peace. People were taught to use firearms from an early age.

In contrast, militias were discouraged in Europe as they posed an obvious threat to the establishment.

More thank a few casual inferences drawn there. At least where I live, I think you'd find that debate pure unfiltered garbage. Anybody who uses an argument like that carries guilt over things other people have done in the past. I don't--those things were horrible, I don't endorse them, but because they weren't my actions I see no reason why I should feel guilty. Rehashing past transgressions only brings them up into the present. And they say that conservatives are the ones stuck in the past. Let's move forward, for once.

Amazing how you mix science and left wing idiocy.


Care to elaborate? Or did you mean to just hurl a thoughtless insult and run away like a baby?