Invisible Rope Prank

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Here's a hilarious prank where two guys pretend they have a rope that they stretch across a road between them in front of oncoming traffic. The reactions of those who have been pranked are quite amusing.

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While this may seem amusing to some, I think if this were done on a busier road accidents could happen. Maybe the driver who tries to dodge the "rope," would run into one of these "low end of the gene pool" jerks and do us all a favor. I was driving on a dark road, when someone through a very life-like dummy in front on my car..I almost had a heart attack, and was upset for hours...guess that's the idea. And, yes, I'm an old, grouchy lady.

Yeah, one of the cardinal rules of a good prank is that it not carry a substantial risk of injury or property damage.

Back in the 80's, when cassette tapes were everywhere, I did several pranks around college with them. But they were designed to add a little surrealism to life, not to hurt anyone. Like making a spiderweb of cassette tape outside someone's door.

Or going down to the basement, tying one end of the tape to a doorknob or something, then riding the elevator to the top floor and tying off there. On every floor in between, there'd be a line of tape visible when the door opened. The reaction to this was effectively universal. People would start to move forward, stop sharply and stare, gingerly touch it... then either move on, puzzled, or else tear it down.

Okay, these guys did it on a residential street with slower traffic, but still...

I, too, dislike this as a prank. I'm a motorcyclist, so the potential for harm if I rode into a rope is quite significant. A few years ago when I was living in Northamptonshire someone was killed this way.

I also remember a little more recently seeing two kids do exactly this. Fortunately I wasn't going very fast so didn't lose control when I made an emergency stop.

Emerging research is now showing that teenagers are as callous as they are hilarious! More at 11.

Yup, this sounds like a crap joke to me too. You think you're funny until someone slams on the brakes and someone else drives into the back of them. Turns out both people had more important things (deaths, illnesses, job or kid worries) going on in their lives that day than filling in insurance forms and laughing at your 'prank'. What does that make you? An asshole.

You people are all a bunch of sissy girls for thinking this is in anyway dangerous. And what with the "I'm a motorist" bullshit?? most people are you jackass, and your crappy opinion doesn't matter. If you're so intellectual and smart why don't you not fall for the trick in the first place. Assuming they're not some sort of Hulk like beings and it was a real rope, why not pull speed up and hurt the little fuckers.

That being said, this is a lame prank for two reasons. 1) Any 5 year old can pull these shenanigans off. 2) It rarely works, and when it does the result isn't funny. "Oh cool, he stopped his car. We showed him"

By Your sister (not verified) on 23 Feb 2010 #permalink

ITT: We overreact to a prank on a low traffic road.

you guys are just a bunch of wet blankets. if you can't appreciate a joke like this then I feel bad for you.

It would be awesome if a panicked driver hit the gas instead of the brakes and lost control and smashed one of the frat boys between the power line pole and the from of their vehicle. I would be slapping my knees as his burst testicles, liver and spleen spilled out into his blood and he died of shock waiting for the paramedics. Seriously, you guys have to continue doing this. Keep up the good work.

hey "your sister"
He said he was a MOTORCYCLIST.
Some people should read before they start spewing.
And yeah the prank is stupid.

bawhahahha this is awesome

By funnystuff (not verified) on 23 Feb 2010 #permalink

if anyone thinks it's dangerous and that they'd be going to fast, this is a road in which the speed limit is probably 10-25. if you're going fast, it's your fault. if you aren't watching the road, it's your fault, and if you slam on the brakes you need to get your eyes checked

Yeah so the reaction of people on this thread is hilarious! I mean seriously, it's a prank, there is no fucking rope. If I saw two kids doing this to me then id just keep on driving for 2 really really good reasons.

First: THERE IS NO ROPE. That fact is quite obvious and as yet there are no materials that are hard to see + sturdy enough to wreck your car. Common sense people!

Second: CARS WEIGH MORE THAN 2 KIDS. If you drive a car into a rope being held by 2 kids then -you- will win, not the kids. They would be in alot of pain but they'd stop doing it (if it were actually a real rope in the first place).

It's just a prank exposing the sheer stupidity of people. If you find this prank potentially dangerous I refer you to my above reasons why this is a cool prank. If you can't handle me calling you "stupid" then that's fine, just don't rage out on the internet as nobody actually cares.

Hey, it's your sister again. I owned all you homo's, now tits GTFO

By Your sister (not verified) on 23 Feb 2010 #permalink

Haha! I so wanna try this. Tie an invisible rope around two poles and have someone film it. I laughed when the guy got out of his car. :P

For Matt:

First, you are correct, there is no rope. However, there might have been a very strong monofilament wire, similar to piano wire, which could not have been seen unless you are up close. That's what the guy who got out of his car was clearly checking for.

Second, I don't care if I WOULD win in a battle of 3000-lb. car vs. two 100-lb. kids. It's not a contest, it's a matter of avoiding accidents in the first place. Even if the kids are stupid, you don't want to hurt them.

By definition, half of the motorists in the world have below-average driving skills, which means this is the kind of prank where the pranksters can get hurt. It's very easy to say, from the comfort of your sofa, well, they'd deserve it and they'd never do it again. But take that attitude out on the street and see how far it gets you.

This prank is teh hilarity fail.

Wow, people it's just a prank. At least they're NOT doing it on a busy street, that's the smarter part of it. And I'm sure they understand that something may happen, but truth be truth it's still funny. I mean if you're going fast enough to cause an accident on this street by slamming on your brakes you're the stupid one. What's the use of calling them stupid anyways? I mean it's over and done with it's not like you can change it. Just get over your cranky selves and live life a little.

"Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a serious lack of imagination"~Oscar Wilde

Yeah, some kids tried this to me. Looked like they were holding Roman Candles (as I could see no rope, as it didn't exist). I tried not to slow down much, as I had my window open. Didn't help that the other kid was nowhere to be seen.

you all sound like my mom

The prank acts more as a psychology experiment - a very renowned one at that. The action was in good humor and as no one got hurt, the "safety" should not be a huge consideration.. especially as many of the comments regarding safety have to do with there being an actual rope, which was not present during the prank. Just see the educational value that these two individuals provided for many. But to do this, you have to move past the could have, should have, would haves and see the prank for more than just an attempt at destruction and chaos.

They are doing it on a slow, residential street. Everyone who is worried about safety is a LOSER

By James Hawkins (not verified) on 23 Feb 2010 #permalink

wow people... I think they realize how "dangerous" the prank could be and that's why they're not pulling this off on packed roads and whatnot. Point out the obvious why don't you...

Hello Matt and Your Sister. You are both stupid sophomoric assholes. This is dangerous, more so to the two idiots doing it. Perhaps you didn't notice how close the bicycle came to the one idiot? If even that had hit him, it would no longer be funny to him. If it had been a car swerving to miss the "rope" it would have been better, Then those stupid genes (like the two of you) would have been removed from the pool.

Then the world average IQ would have risen a bit; the same as if the two of you were removed.

The only stupid people are those who have legitimate conversations on a comment thread for a lame ass video and allow themselves to be trolled. Only morons post shit on here and expect it to mean anything. I can say whatever I want and get a reaction. Besides its anonymous, so you really cant say shit.

ps, I hope the irony of this post isn't lost on you

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Yeah... this totally just happened to me. I was one of the ones that got out of the car to yell at them and then realized it was just a fake rope and a bunch of dumbass teenagers that are bored. I told them to get a life and then I felt really bad for freaking out. I think it's hilarious even after it happened to me. Nice prank! I totally fell for it.

By Sara Hullinger (not verified) on 15 Jul 2010 #permalink