How That Amazing Old Spice Commercial Was Made -- In Just One Take!

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Daily, men ask themselves, What do women want? We want a gorgeous bare-chested man with a beautiful voice on a horse, that's what! And this is exactly what Old Spice gave us with bare-chested Isaiah Mustafa, a TV actor and former NFL player, in their "manmercial" that first aired during the Superbowl. But how was that amazing commercial made? Maybe you think it was stitched together from a lot of separate 'takes'? Would you believe that television ad was made in one take? Further, would you believe it did not use any computer-generated imagery (CGI)? Below the fold is an interview with the two men who wrote that commercial, where they take us through the finished ad frame-by-frame and tell us how it was made.

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Correction, it was done in ONE SHOT.

It took 56 takes over three days.

Ah, the writers admitted to using CGI for small "touch-ups" such as the product rising through the character's hand and then flowing with diamonds (it was a fake hand that they shot and superimposed afterwards) and to remove some support bar that helped to get Mustafa onto the horse.
But other than that, it was all real. Amazing!