Torture Video Anticipates Dick Cheney by 20 Years!!!

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Two agents (Jimmy Mulville and Phillip Pope) are preparing to interrogate a suspected secret agent (Tony Robinson). Unfortunately, the suspected secret agent is afraid of torture, which seems an ideal situation, right? Well, not really, not when you wish to test your torture kit for the first time.

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Yep, he was Baldrick. Philip Pope was in it a few times too. I don't recall Jimmy Mulville being in it, but he might have appeared.

IMDB don't list Jimmy Mulville as in Blackadder. Not sure I'd call Baldrick loyal. He wasn't bright enough to understand that concept (at least after the first series, where he was the clever one and Blackadder was thick).

Tony is probably as famous now for presenting Time Team and other history programmes.

By Bob's Big Brother (not verified) on 23 Feb 2010 #permalink