The Humane Society of the United States Does NOT Care For (or About) Animals

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Let me remind you that, if you care about animals, you do NOT want to support the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS, more typically known as H$U$). This organization sucked up millions of dollars donated by people from around the world, claiming they would help save animals affected by Hurricane Katrina, but almost none of those funds went to save any animals at all. Who was the most helpful in saving animals? Members of the American military!


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One of my local colleagues is the social media maven for HSUS. Need to do some soul searching on this one, I think.

Their 'dog fighting expert' is some uneducated 'former' Animal Liberation Front member.

He wants to kill my dog.

Go figure.

btw-- After every HSUS post I have on my blag, some HSUS flunky comes by to leave some generic positive PR message. Wanna see if they find yours. hehehehe *waits behind the bushes*

You mean my aunts dog could've been saved if not for those bastards? That little dog was the highlight of her tough life, it was a real bummer when he went missing. I hope some good samaritan found him and gave him a good home, he was a sweet little yapper.

Leigh--speaking as someone who works in non-profits, "fiscally responsible" is not the same as "accomplishing their mission." In fact often the two are opposing goods that organizations must carefully balance. The most fiscally responsible thing a non-profit organization can do is sink 100% of their sustaining contributions into fundraising/PR and administration and make occasional special fundraising appeals for specific mission-related goals in order to stay on people's radar. Most non-profits risk a little more to accomplish a little more, and many fall apart trying--but having an unstable financial portfolio and doing as much as you can on a shoestring budget is not what gets you into Worth magazine as a top performer, interestingly. Nonprofits all know that the majority of people give to the appearance of success, not to need, and companies that serve the non-profit and philanthropy community follow this rule as much as your average donor.

That's my perspective, anyway; hope it helps.

Thanks, Kerrick. It does clarify a bit. Can you or anyone relate that to the specifics of the fiscal problem with HSUS? I just find it hard to believe these are just simply bad and greedy people out to get our money. It would make more sense to me if it were a mismanaged organization. At any rate, I hope this debate becomes more public so the lack of integrity can be exposed to the light of day and resolved. Thanks to all for helping inform.

I found that little movie very eye opening. I never realized that the HSUS did SFA during the Katrina Disaster except raise money. I have a friend that lives in Baton Rouge and during the weeks after the storm she would go to the dog "holding' areas and volunteer to walk and exercise the dogs.To this day it still bothers her to think about what happened to the people AND the animals.

BTW, I just discovered your blog today & I think it's great! You have a new reader!