People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Kills Animals

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Why should we trust an organization that protests against cruelty to animals on TV while behind the scenes, they are killing the very animals they claim to save?

For example, PETA's "Animal Record" report for 2009, filed with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, shows that the animal rights group killed 97 percent of the dogs and cats in its care last year. During all of 2009, PETA found adoptive homes for just eight pets out of the 2,366 it took in in the Commonwealth of Virginia alone [PDF].

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Tha's why I belong to the OTHER PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals!

By Donald Richard Fearn (not verified) on 17 Mar 2010 #permalink


The information in the video is a known scam video as exposed by Snopes, which was perpetrated by a lobbyist extremist group named the CCF, operated by a perpetrator named Rick Berman.

This individual has been caught operating as many as 60+ domain names all perpetrating extemist wingnut propaganda information. Berman created a shell operation which documents show under the guise of the "Center for Consumer Freedom" or CCF. This is a right-wing lobbyis organization which has concocted propaganda campaigns promoting Drunk Driving (against charity Mothers Against Drunk Drivers), the CCF has sites telling pregnant women that it is "ok" to eat mercury-contaminated fish (which is known to cause your baby to be born deformed and with brain tissue damage). Berman's organization is the entity which concocted the conflated information contained in this video. This same organization has attacked the charity Salvation Army, it has attacked the United States Humane Society, and it has sites making wild claims such as people being afflicted with heart disease and being overweight is "Not a problem" in the United States.

This individual Berman, who has ties to the CCF and this falsified unscientific debunked video was found to be being paid by the TOBACCO INDUSTRY.

The organization CCF, also implicated in court documents under the name "Activistcash" and "Peta Kills Animals" in court proceedings, concocts propagandist materials, mis-representative reports, and websites which claim to "value people above animals" and tout how they want to "fight for people's rights" and act as if they are in the interest of helping humans. However, what they do not publish, is that they are funded by the tobacco corporations, which produce cigarettes which infect people with cancer, and they receive lobbying paybacks from the Meat and Restaurant industry which causes obesity and has a bias against any animal organization that tries to care for animals because it jeopardizes the profits of Meat slaughterhouses and the Restaurant Industry which profits off of the killing of meat. And this same entity, has been caught receiving funds from the Alcohol industry, which promotes drinking which results in Human Death each year from multiple drunk driving accidents.

This video above has been caught as being from the site of the National Rifle Association, and is not unbiased, nor is it scientific. In fact this video should remain here up and visible because it exposes that this blog site: now identified as "GrrlScientist" at the URL" is posting falsified unscientific information, is skewed, is posting already debunked pseudo-science, and contains yellow-journalism. Pleae KEEP this video up, because this video and the entity it has ties to is well known, having been exposed on PRWATCH, and other watchdog organizations, and all users visiting this blog will now be able to see that this person going under the name "grrlscientist" is disreputable, and a spreader of tainted information.


By AUTHORITY (not verified) on 17 Mar 2010 #permalink

And while they continue to euthanize most of the animals that have the misfortune to fall intio their hands PeTA are also putting their expertise on euthanasia to another use.

They have taken out a case against researchers at the University of Wisconsin because they clain that studies on decompression the scientists have been conducting violate a state statuate that "Decompression prohibited: No person may kill an animal by means of decompression." because several of the sheep used in the study died.

This seems like legal harassment to me, the law was almost certainly intended to prevent decompression being used as a way to euthanize/deliberately kill animals. Did the legislators who framed it ever suspect that it would impeed research into the bends, I'm pretty certain that they didn't.

Anyway it looks a if UW and the State authorities are being pretty sensible about this, so hopefully an amendment to the law will sort this problem out.

Just goes to show what damage badly framed laws can do!

if you think your lengthy diatribe and falsehoods are going to intimidate me into silence, PETA (AUTHORITY), think again. i and many other people see you for the liars and violent bullies that you are.

Authority, while everything you say about CCF is true, none of it in any way alters the fact that everything the video says about PeTA is also true.

CCF and PeTA deserve each other!

In response to the oblate comment "Tha's why I belong to the OTHER PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals! Posted by: Donald Richard Fearn"

Donald Richard Fearn's body now contains Feminine hormones. Beef farmers in the United States inject growth homone implants into nearly all beef (behind the ear, using an implant gun that injects a hormone pellet). This implant releases women's hormones into the meat. Which Donald Richard Fearn has just bragged about eating.

Donald Richard Fearn has been eating estradiol, a compound known to foster the growth of breast MEN. In other words, eating meat can cause the growth in men of gynecomastia. For those not familiar with medicine, this is commonly known as "man-boobs". Any individual ingesting lots of meat, is ingesting the chemicals, which are in all beef and each bite of steak in the US, which contain feminizing hormones which promote sunken chests, rounded feminine hips, and breast tissue growth on a Man.

These implants that are in BEEF, STEAK, and LIVESTOCK MEAT, go under the names ZERANOL(R), HEIFERMAX 500, RALGRO, and REVALOR-H. These contain female pregnancy hormones and menstrual hormones. and this is contained in the meat that Donald Richard Fearn just concluded bragging about eating. Plus diethylstilbestrol which is known to cause impotence, and damaged semen and defective spermatazoa in men.

Look it up. Just put BOVATEC, REVALOR-H, melangestrol acetate, or recombinant bovine growth hormone, into google or a scientific or medical search engine and you will find the details.

In addition, despite the failed attempt at a joke, which is actually a cliche that has been overused and written so many times by many at or below the junior-high level, this individual may not be smugly laughing so hard after knowing that he has been eating female menstrual hormones with each bite of his meat.

In addition, the actual acronym line is not tenably true. Contrary to what he wants to believe, most of the Flavors in the world come from plants. Plants, as in Seasonings, Sauces, Marinades, and Spices generate most of the top world's flavors. Without these, meat itself (animal flesh) actually tastes horrible. This is exemplified by the fact that people need to cook it, salt it, season it, spice it, put catchup on it, put onions on it or in it, barbeque it, or otherwise ADD the flavor of plants to meat. BOILING a lump of meat in water is the actual true flavor of meat. As in a piece of roast dunked in a waterpot and boiled and then retrieved out of it.

Oh, no, what about that great barbequed grilled juicy piece of... - BBQ flavor is not from meat, it is from plants. Charcoal is wood. That is a tree. Often the Mesquite tree. Hickory smoke meat flavor comes from plants in the first place. Hickory. Which is a tree. Barbeque sauce is from tomatoes and spices, all plants. Self-described meat-eaters inevitably Barbeque, marinate, salt, season, soak, baste, and stuff meat with the items which actually contain the most vibrant, tasty, and flavorable things in the world: plants. A-1 steak sauce: plant spices. Ketchup: again from a plant. Mustard on that hotog: Mustard Plant. Hamburger: all hamburger is made mashed up with onions and other spices: most of the desirable flavor comes from a plant. KFC: claim to fame is the Colonels "secret recipe" of 11 herbs and spices. Once again, those who go around touting things such as the 'tastiness' of animals such as this uninformed user, don't realize that nearly every one of those 'tasty' flavors is coming from PLANTS. Aside from salt, which is a mineral, and pieces of dissolved fat and grease (which are not meat), nearly all of the best flavors in the world are from plants. Not meat. Pepper, onions, hotsauce, bbq sauce, grilling, marinades, vinegar, mustard, garlic, cloves, brown sugar, oregano, basil, mint, all of these rich aromatic flavors are from plants. Even the bun on a hotdog and a hamburger is from plants.

Actually, and that's just if you cook it. Being generous here allowing the meat-eater the provision of cooking it, otherwise the true taste of red-meat would be a lump gutted raw. And the "nice juicy" portion would be that welled-up pool of liquid that pools up on the yellow-styrofoam in the corner of the package at the supermarket covered in plasticwrap. That's a mixture of sloughed off dead cells, lymphatic fluid, and coagulated blood. In the worst case that "juice" pooled up in the steak-package may contain feces and urine (from the slaughtering plant).

Salami, Sausage, Baloney (balogna), all obtain their flavors from plants such as onion, and spices that need to be mixed into it for the meat to be edible. It's not the 'meat' portion your tastebuds are interested in when you order 'pepperoni', it's the fact that it contains pepper, along with the other flavors most which come from plants.

Oh, and if any reader was thinking that the fact that each bite of meat, beef, and steak contains Feminizing hormones was simply Feminizing men, and therefor was "ok" then, for women, that would also be false. The result of women ingesting doses of progesterones, diethylstilbestrol, and melangestrol acetate, which is contained in pieces of meat is: Cancer. Specifically often lumps in the breast. In addition, when children who have not yet passed puberty eat a lot of meat and ingest large doses of it, for boys it can result in malformed genitals, and feminine secondary characteristics. For girls, it accelerates the onset of menstrual periods, and causes what's often referred to as "heavy flow". So if you are a woman, and want to have more periods with thick heavy flow, and run the risk of breast lumps, then meat is for you. However most people will opt out of that.

Thus, despite the dainty little quip using the rearrangement of the acronym to try to make a big joke out of it, when it comes to breast cancer, no one is laughing anymore. And likewise smug grins often sink off the man's face that finds out that the pieces of meat he's been bragging about have been growing him a soft chest, feminine rounded hips, female characteristics, and that with every piece of steak forked into his mouth, he's been eating women's menstrual hormones that are contained in that bit of steak.

By Dr. Alex Bremmel (not verified) on 17 Mar 2010 #permalink

The information in the video is a known scam video as exposed by Snopes, which was perpetrated by a lobbyist extremist group named the CCF, operated by a perpetrator named Rick Berman.

Why the hell do people make crap up? Its not like I can't go to and find out that there is nothing even related to the CCF or PETA.

Grrlscientist blurts: ``if you think your lengthy...etc etc for the liars and violent bullies that you are. etc etc etc``--from the mouth of blogster ``Grrlsceintist``.

Well, this definitely proves it. This shows that the blogster ``GrrlScientist`` is a fake. This blog is not science. A scientist follows a set procedure called the Scientific Method, wherein one is not prejudiced or forcing their own agenda, but rather is supposed to conduct experimental tests then use models in order to observe the results, and then either establish or eliminate a hypothesis, in un-biased fashion. That's not what this blogster Grrlscientist is doing on here!

Her statement says that no matter what, even if she is faced with other facts, this blogster is just going to continue to push their own agenda, on others. That's just what Grrlscientist admitted.

Therefore I have to agree, this blogster ``Grrlscientist`` who is going around on here purporting to be a ``scientist`` and claiming to be a ``science blog`` and even boasting in the headline at the top of her blog she is ``Living the Scientific Life`` has disqualified herself!

This person is not a scientist, they have just stated that they intend to continue to force their own foregone conclusions on everyone, no matter what other facts are shown and no matter what other evidence there is, even if it disproves what they tried to post. This whole person's blog is now unreliable, and I dont trust anything they say on here anymore.

This blogster is falsely going under the pretense of being some scientist on a science blog and they're actually an opinionated agenda-bearing trojan horse with a payload of tainted invective inside.

This blogster is definitely far from a scientist, this blog is a fraud. And the blogster insomuch as admitted it. This url can no longer be trusted.

And her fostering things that hurt people, even aside from the animal issue, is despicable. Very disappointed.

The worst part about her, is her pretending she is so concerned about animals, and then Grrlscientist using and spreading material from another organization that not only advocates the killing of even more animals, but the organization she is spreading results in the death of thousands of humans!


By Diane E. Salisbury (not verified) on 17 Mar 2010 #permalink

Dr.Alex Bremmel "In addition, the actual acronym line is not tenably true. Contrary to what he wants to believe, most of the Flavors in the world come from plants. Plants, as in Seasonings, Sauces, Marinades, and Spices generate most of the top world's flavors. Without these, meat itself (animal flesh) actually tastes horrible."

That you actually seem to believe this shows how out of touch with reality you are. I eat only organic meat these days because I don't want to consume any of those nasty feminisine hormones you mentioned, and I can assure you that good quality meat is delicious even without seasoning. Of course a little light seasoning helps to bring out the flavours, though the same goes for any vegetarian dish I've ever eaten. Have you ever heard of the concept that flavours can complement each other, or that you can use one flavour to accentuate another quite different flavour?

Look we all know that it's common practice for some food manufacturers (the sort that are most friendly with CCF) to use LOADS of cheap seasoning to hide the fact that the meat they are selling is poor tasteless stuff, but don't delude yourself that people don't realise how good high quality meat tastes.

diane: i have no idea what you are attempting to say. would you please pull your head out of your blind dogma and explain what you are yapping about? otherwise, you look like a rabid foaming-at-the-mouth spammer.

The worst part about her, is her pretending she is so concerned about animals, and then Grrlscientist using and spreading material from another organization that not only advocates the killing of even more animals, but the organization she is spreading results in the death of thousands of humans!

Yeah that is kind of dumb but no more stupid that what you and the idiot brigade is doing by trying to discredit facts with ad hominem attacks. All the facts are located right on Virginia's website. Anyone can look at them and verify that she is right. But of course when you don't have facts on your side use ad hominem fallacies.

Dr. Alex Bremmel:
Oblate? Her comment was spheroidal?

Wow, you completely defined this blog and the author. And all you needed was two sentences she wrote in the comment section. Don't be surprised if some of us here use even fewer of your words to define you.

Well it is rather disengenuous to point out the "8 adopted" figure which makes it look like they euthanized over 11000 animals. Just over 8600 were "returned to owner".

Better to just stick to the straight up fact: 2352 pets were euthanized out of 11096. That is indictment enough, no need to play games with the numbers.

They euthanize more than the city pound does.

By plutosdad (not verified) on 17 Mar 2010 #permalink

To celebrate authority and Alex Bremmel's contributions, I've decided to make a it a Peta day. Steak it is, medium rare as not to denature all my menstrual hormones.

Now I cant stop thinking of spherical cows.

mmmmm.... spherical cow Salisbury steak.... *homer simpson drool*

reply 2 quote===> Why the hell do people make crap up? Its not like I can't go to and find out that there is nothing even related to the CCF or PETA. Posted by: Adam_Y === wrong!

hey. i just looked. and there are tons of things about the CCF, and richard berman all over the messageboards right on the website! so Adam_Y lied! there are tons of things posted on the maker of that video above (richard berman). he is an anti-science right wing extremist and global warming denier that created that petakillsanimals stuff and is responsible for a lot more. And I also found Peta in the snopes messages too. So the stuff just posted by Adam_Y is just wrong. It makes you wonder why people like adam_y post that kind of stuff when you can just google it and see it right in front of your eyes.

not only that. i found tons of other sites on the CCF center for "consumer freedom" which is actually a anything but. and exposing their spurious activities.

the makers of that video posted by [science grrl] have been implicated in all kinds of deception, ethics complaints, stealing people's domain names, false information campaigns, and even sued in court for IRS misdealings

1. ConsumerDeception: What is the CCF and why is it attacking PETA?

2. Citzens For Ethics Files IRS Complaint Against The Center for Consumer Freedom CCF

3. Digging Through the Dirt: CCF Continues to Deceive Journalists, Public

4. Deception on the Web - Richard Berman and the CCF
Right on the Humane Society of the United States' web site.

5. Berman Exposed: Facts

6. SOURCEWATCH: Center For Consumer Freedom front group revealed

7. Center for Science in the Public Interest: Bogus 'Consumer' Group Stripped Of Domain Names ~ Newsroom

8. Integrity in Science: Questionson integrity surround the CCF and Rick Berman

and tons more!

read those.

and yeah, this so-called science girl is bashing the group that at least is trying to help, using a stained known bogus video from a group that even got taken to court, and she is cheering the other group that results in even more deaths including people.

Heh. Dude linked to HSUS.

Please, sir, increase your writers ethos summore. LOL! Moron.

I can't believe how annoying AUTHORITY's writing style is. I guess they took those grade 8 admonitions to use "action words" and "describing words" to heart. Take a breath before you pass out.

Oh, and I love how the AUTHORITY (aka Dianne) presumes to describe what a scientist is and what a scientist is allowed to say in a space that is created by a scientist and probably mostly read by other scientists. Funny shit.

Frankly, I myself am not much of a fan of the exotic pet industry and disagree with some of GrrlScientist's views on the subject. However, I also have seen no evidence that PETA is a serious organization. As nearly as I have ever been able to tell they seem to exist solely as a propaganda vehicle employing and preying upon emotionally immature and intellectually impoverished reactionaries.

Perhaps if AUTHORITY had pointed out her concerns about the accuracy/impartiality of the source without burying it in a name calling rant then there could have been a less juvenile discussion. Unfortunately it looks like AUTHORITY is one of those people that can't dispute a point without hurling 'invective'. What a twit.

John Grantt:
Are any of the links you included relevant to whether or not this video is lying? Please don't make me wade through all of them.

Instead, can you link to the Snopes page that debunks the video embedded in this blog post?

Like Adam_Y, I can't find a thing about it on Snopes (I'm not lying). And don't bother with message boards and the other crap you mentioned. I stipulate that Berman is someone who I would abhor if I took the time to find out about him.

Barring that, can you provide any links that refer to that video or the informationn in that video as false or distorted.

In other words, can you provide something that will help illuminate the current discussion? Is the video factual or not? Even scumbags often tell the truth (when it suits their purposes).

Wow - the GrrlScientist has really figured out how to bring out the TL;DR (and otherwise incoherent) trolls with this one.

Now if there were only some constructive use to which this discovery could be applied...

By Pierce R. Butler (not verified) on 17 Mar 2010 #permalink

Instead, can you link to the Snopes page that debunks the video embedded in this blog post?

They probably can't though. The problem is one of facts. Anyone can go to Wikipedia read the part about PETA's policy on euthanasia, find the citation, go to the website, and find the actual statistics.

Like Adam_Y, I can't find a thing about it on Snopes (I'm not lying). And don't bother with message boards and the other crap you mentioned. I stipulate that Berman is someone who I would abhor if I took the time to find out about him.

Yeah... Using Google's advance search with the last name doesn't show anything worth singling out.

Meat and flavor: I eat raw meat all the time. I love sushi and I even make sushi with raw beef. It has tremendous flavor.

Meat and juices: The juices that exude from meat are not blood or lymphatic fluid. If there was any blood, it would be in the form of a clot. Rather the juice is the myoplasm (muscle cell cytoplasm). The red color comes from the protein myoglobin.

Beef and hormones: The average beef serving from a non implanted animal contains 1.5 ng of estrogen. The average beef serving from an implanted animal contains 1.9 ng of estrogen. Muscle is simply not a major storage site for estrogen and thus any quantity in meat is very low. To put this in perspective, the average human female produces 20,000 ng of estrogen per day, and much more during certain portions of her cycle. The average man produces more than 1000 ng of estrogen per day.
The poster also mentioned melengesterol acetate. This a progesterone like compound which prevents heifers from cycling. Because these heifers would never cycle and not have their estrogen peak, beef from these heifers would have fewer estrogens that the poster was commenting about. the poster also mentioned cancer. There is no conclusive scientific evidence that consuming any of those extremely low doses of estrogens have caused any cancers in men or women.

Beef and bovatec. Bovatec is an ionophore that is used to shift rumen bacterial populations away from the methane producers and more towards the prioprionic acid producers. This results in reduced green house gas emissions and reduces the amount of feed needed by about 15%. This is one of the most environmentally friendly practices that a beef farmer can use.

Oh noes! Beef contains female hormones! Next in the news: table salt is full of chlorine.

BTW: can anyone actually post these snopes urls? All I could find was a couple of comment threads.

Okay, So...Dr. Alex Bremmel? We need to talk. I don't know what Internet college you got that "Doctor" from, but I think we can safely say you are neither an M.D. nor a ph.D in biology.

Also, WTF is with deriding the effects of "female horomones" on a blog populated by A. Scientists, B. Feminists, or C. Feminist Scientists?

Maybe you missed the memo, but cooking something is generally accepted practice in this millenia. And if you're advocate eating EVERYTHING raw...let's be honest, a lot of greens don't taste much better than raw meat. Raw asparagus? Raw eggplant? Raw broccoli? Really?

And for the record, cooking something isn't equivical to "ADDING PLANT FLAVOR. What plant causes the flavor change between raw and cooked meat when I grill ribs over a gas stove? Or fry it in fat? And lets be honest, cooking plants has the same effect. I don't know about you, but I love sauteed onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms.

2. "Feminizing horomones." Okay, setting ASIDE the fact that cooking the meat would assuredly denature anything as sensative as a horomone, I have a story for you:

I'd like you to meet my good friends Mr. PEPSIN Mr. Trypsin, and Mr. Chymotryptin. Don't be afraid, they're your friends too. See, what they do is sit around in your stomach acid looking for proteins (Horomones are proteins). When they find a protein? They go all ARRGH AXE MURDERER RAGE and chop them up into little bits called "amino acids." And the AMINO ACIDS are what your body will then absorb.

This is the key thing: If proteins are sentences, then amino acids are the letters. Sure, when arranged in the right order they might have some meaning, but when just randomly floating around they're just letters. Let's try:

Example 1, A protein: "Animals need protection, but PETA are just bullies and attention whores."

Example 2: A denatured protein: "d a e i a i d a i c l e a c e i t q w e a z t d y k l o l i l a z x c v i e e r i o p"

See the difference?

Lastly, you make broad correlations between estrogen intake and breast cancer in women. Even if we put aside YET AGAIN the fact that cooking and digestion would denature and reduce the protein to its constituant amino acids AND that a human males and females produce estrogen naturally, I'd really like to see a peer-reviewed paper showing that correlation. Until you do that, you're just making suppositions and/or making stuff up.

Anyways, I hope you at least learn some introductory biology before making ridiculous statements like that again.

And for the Record, PETA, nobody is saying that animals should all be massacred or that animals don't need protection. The problem is the aggressive, ignorant, and frankly absurd ends PETA goes to to grab attention for itself.

In short, PETA, the Cause is worthy, but you are not.

Grrl: Sorry for the rant. Found the blog this morning. Are all your comment boards this full of idiots?

JaB: no. but the idiots and crazies do come oozing out of the woodwork in support of animal rights and scientology. of those two groups, it's difficult to distinguish who's more stupid and brain-washed.

Eh, probalby PETA. At least they're trying to do the right thing in their own twisted way. Like I said, I support their goals, but the actions the take to reach those goals are disgraceful. I honestly don't thing you could even call them shenanigans.

MikeB wrote: " I don't want to consume any of those nasty feminisine hormones"
MikeB wrote: " I eat only organic meat "

Thanks Mike! For affirming that most all meat is bad. To the extent that you won't even ingest it.

So, there you go folks! Even a meat-eater has confirmed that nearly all meat is bad. So to all those who think they are carnivores, there you go, straight from a meat eater, admitting that almost all meat is unfit for consumption.

USDA: "Less than one percent ( less than 1% ) of all livestock and poultry...are organic"

Well, you're in good company confirming it, because it's also confirmed by the USDA, as you see there.

Since you concur that you eat Only organic meat, and according to the USDA, less than 1% of meat is organic, then 99% or nearly all meat is not fit. As you said!

So thanks for confirming what vegetarians and vegans (as well as Researchers and Scientisits) have been saying for a long time, that nearly all meat is unfit to eat and bad for you. Especially in the United States, and North America.

Oh, by the way, your statement is also confirmed by the Meat Industry!

Organic Trade Association: "Sales of organic beef totaled..less than 1 percent of total beef sales."

So nearly all of the cow meat, beef, steak, burgers, chicken, and so forth that you've been buying in super markets, stores, shops, and eating in restaurants, and fast-food places, mcdonalds, burger king, etc etc, can be Contaminated and not good to eat.

Attention to all meat-eaters, here it is, it's time to listen to one of your very own meat-eating kind telling you that most meat is bad, and it's solid word because it is coming from fellow meat eaters themselves teaching you this. Even the USDA which is responsible for testing meat in the first place, and also the meat industry itself says: Only 1% of meat out there is organic, which means nearly 99% of meat, especially in the US, is dripping with everything from feminine hormonal juice, to women's Roids, not to mention sopping with all kinds of drugs and Animal antibiotics.

Even meat eaters themselves now admit that only 1% of meat is properly edible, and 99% of meat is not good to eat.

And there you have it!

PETA activists:

"dripping with...feminine hormonal juice...sopping with all kinds of drugs and Animal antibiotics"

ha ha. This sort of stuff illustrates how a lack of flexibility of communication strategy can impair the ability to get the message across. While this sort of emotional appeal to biological ignorance may be effective for any preteens that stumble across your MySpace page it really just makes you seem silly in this context (end concern trolling)

Did all PETA folks have the same junior high english teacher or is there just a lot of sock puppets around here?

What a peculiar thread.

JaB, this may hurt a little after your dressing-down of Dr. Alex for daring to speak in ignorance, but I need to point out that digestive proteases don't do squat to estrogen, which is not a peptide hormone. It's a steroid hormone, and is routinely given orally in birth control pills and estrogen replacement therapy. I guess maybe you haven't quite finished your M.D. or biology Ph.D. either. ;)

By Weatherwax (not verified) on 19 Mar 2010 #permalink


I don't mind being corrected, actually. And, no, I haven't finished my Ph.D. Only my B.S. Then again, I didn't put a "Dr." in my name either. :)

Thanks for correcting me. I checked one of my old biochem texts and yeah. You're right. So I retract comment about estrogen being digested in the stomach. Everything else (i.e. plants not being the only source of flavor, idiocy of suggesting that cooking meat is somehow "wrong", lack of support for sweeping "hormone intake->breast cancer" statements) still stands.

Also, other people have pointed out the levels of hormone ingested in beef is a fraction that naturally produced in both male/female human body.

@Bryce Towill

By your logic, most produce is evil and inedible because some people only eat organic produce.

please folks, improve your diet, or you'll make us sick.

By Gods Eating Ta… (not verified) on 22 May 2010 #permalink

ignorance is also posessed by those who wish to have additional letters in front or behind their names, calling yourself a doctor or a scientist makes you no better than me. since you are all counting the numbers, did you stop to think that your chemical and coal industry help to create acid rains that our farmers pray for to water their crops in a drought. yea its a great idea to give up eating meat its going to save alot of animal lives, though going from chemically induced and GE meat to chemically induced and GE plant foods does nothing for your body, health.
if you care about yourself you will undoubtly care for others including the animals and other beings that inhabit our planet. peta want people to steralize their pets or adopt a pet from animal shelters instead of from shops or breaders, that in itself is madness as we cant even control the population of human, woman are estranged if they cant get pregnant and laws of nations make adoption too difficult, while orphanages are over crowded.
please people why can you not resist arguing with each other, let me tell you ... the reason is because you all have ego. your all too busy trying to make your words sound good, use the intellegence you have to think outside that tunnel visioned box you live in.
animals have a right to live in a humane and natural way as much as i do.