Eduard Trololo Khil Addresses the People of the World!

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If you watched this video, then you've already seen a little of the newest meme to take youtube by storm. But someone tracked down the real singer in that ancient video and talked with him on video .. and the amazing thing is that he has hardly aged at all; looking almost the same as he did 100 years ago! Oh, and even more notable: he's still smiling after all these years.

If you haven't seen and heard the original video yet, here it is (but don't blame me when your ears start to bleed):

Eduard Trololo Khill has his own twitter account, too!

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I wonder what other wonders are in the USSRs TV archive :o)

Rather fun and no worse than the macarena

By Chtis' Wills (not verified) on 20 Mar 2010 #permalink