More from Eduard "Mr Trolololo" Khill (My New Boyfriend)

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Yes, I do love this guy! And amazingly enough, he even has a twitter account! Below the fold is a hilarious remix of his original video, along with several news reports about him that might also interest you.

Who is Eduard Khill? Here's a news report from Russian television:

This video is too long to translate but (a Russian and English speaking video viewer writes) my favorite part was when the reporter said "We don't understand how Americans turned it from 'lalalala' to 'trolololo'" They also said that "he's know as the happiest man on earth." The rest [of the news report] is just letting people in Russia know how their childhood hero is becoming so popular in a different nation, especially after 44 years.

Below is a rather unsatisfying "mini-bio" of Eduard Khill:

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i've watched that video several times already and almost peed my pants from laughter. thanks for adding that (although, i HAD hoped to link that video separately, on "silly saturday" but i guess you've saved my readers from that cruel fate!)

Sorry for ruining your Silly Saturday. I hope you don't have to go for a Serious Saturday now. I would feel really bad.