The Truth About HSUS

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The real agenda of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is to remove money from your wallet and put it into their CEOs' retirement funds, to ignore animal shelters, and to forever destroy your ability to live with animals.


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Um Grrrl Whatever you think you are.

People that use the monkier Scientist tend to like to present things that are factual. So aside from this little media presentation where are the numbers facts, etc. from OTHER sources that back this claim.

Those of us that have worked in Science for the last 25 or so plus years are wondering.



By katedevil (not verified) on 21 Apr 2010 #permalink

They're going to "take away our right to own pets"?

Oh, please.

Now, I'm no fan of the HSUS, and I'd appreciate being informed in more detail of the actual problems with this organization. But this silly overwrought agitprop from what appears to be an agricultural organization (with their own anti-spay and neuter - WTF? agenda) ain't helping.

So they're a campaigning body rather than being mainly about sanctuaries. Fair enough - whether or not I agree with particular organisations (and not being American I don't know anything significant about this one), national campaigns are in themselves reasonable things to run.

By Graham Clark (not verified) on 21 Apr 2010 #permalink

01jack-- They're going to "take away our right to own pets"?
HSUS (and PETA) both want very much to kill my dog, Arnie (while at the same time, using the misfortunes of his breed to raise money). Im supposed to not care, because if I really loved dogs, I would throw him away and adopt a breed they deem acceptable.

Of course, its really just a blatant ploy to eliminate 'acceptable' breeds, one by one. If you are unable to recognize this obvious trick, I dunno what to tell you. *shrug*

OK, I've done a little looking, and I think the HSUS is something of a fraud, since people contribute to them thinking that they're helping shelters when in fact they are not, and the HSUS is aware of this confusion and does nothing to dispel it.

But as to the rest, killing your dog and all, I was just looking for link or something. A look at the HSUS website shows they they present themselves as against breed specific legislation, though I'm aware that has been some controversy about this but am otherwise uninformed.

Look, I work and volunteer at a shelter (they come to the same thing, I'm afraid) so I oughtn't have to plead my bona fides.

I think there's enough to hang the HSUS on the financials and misrepresentations. I've done a little looking for the facts behind some of the other accusations and haven't found them. It's all conclusory.

I'd just some facts and a link or two. Not a condescending shrug.

Being from Canada I just don't *get* the whole culture of lobbying in the US. The problem that I do have with the HSUS is their advertising tactics that lead donors to think that they actually run shelters and directly help needy animals.

Those of you (like "katedevil") who are discounting this video need to get a fricking clue!!! While the HSUS may, on occasion hit upon something that truly does need improving in the animal/pet/agriculture world..... they do so only by blind accident. Their true agenda is insidious and counter to all common sense. Even the "common sense" that many in the scientific/academic community claim to have. HSUS is a fraud and if they got their way there would be no human/animal relationship, interaction or use whatsoever.

I am amazed at how many otherwise reasonably intelligent people are willing to chug down the HSUS Kool-Aid like clueless frat boys at the beer bong. You people need to wise up!

By John Del Rio (not verified) on 21 Apr 2010 #permalink

Those of you (like "katedevil") who are discounting this video need to get a fricking clue!!! While the HSUS may, on occasion hit upon something that truly does need improving in the animal/pet/agriculture world..... they do so only by blind accident. Their true agenda is insidious and counter to all common sense. Even the "common sense" that many in the scientific/academic community claim to have. HSUS is a fraud and if they got their way there would be no human/animal relationship, interaction or use whatsoever.

I am amazed at how many otherwise reasonably intelligent people are willing to chug down the HSUS Kool-Aid like clueless frat boys at the beer bong. You people need to wise up!

By John Del Rio (not verified) on 21 Apr 2010 #permalink

The video, which accuses the HSUS of misleading people because they pursue a legislative agenda and run public awareness campaigns instead of operating shelters, is put out by a group called "Missourians for Animal Care." Must be some concerned pet owners who don't want to lose their poor puppies and kittens to the big bad HSUS, I guess. Some soccer mom must have made this nice home-made amateur video just before taking her kids out for a walk with the family dog. You know, she *cares.*

But actually, "Missourians for Animal Care" is a bunch of big agribusiness corporations:

FCS Financial
MFA Incorporated
Missouri Agribusiness Association
Missouri Cattlemen's Association
Missouri Corn Growers Association
Missouri Dairy Association
Missouri Egg Producers
Missouri Equine Council
Missouri Farm Bureau
Missouri Federation of Animal Owners
Missouri Livestock Marketing Association
Missouri Pet Breeders Association
Missouri Pork Association
Missouri Soybean Association
The Poultry Federation
Professional Pet Association

My conclusions:

1. This astroturf bullshit is more deceptive than anything the HSUS might put out. It's clear that the issue for them is factory farming, not pet ownership. They could give a rat's ass about my dog; they just want to keep their pork and poultry production up with maximum profit.

2. Accusing the HSUS of being misleading because they don't run shelters might be tactically effective, but it's still a bullshit move. It's like saying Clean Water Action is misleading because they advocate for legislation to protect clean water but don't actually run water purification plants. (And,

3. OMG, HSUS provides *pensions* for its employees -- shock and horror!

4. All the negative press I can find about the HSUS originates with bullshit front groups like "Missourians for Animal Care" or Rick Berman's "Center for Consumer Freedom."

5. Nothing on the HSUS site could be called misleading. Even the most cursory look at it tells you they do lobbying and awareness campaigns -- as well as, yes, some support work with local Humane Societies.

6. Overall, then, this video is part of an effort to smear a generally mainstream organization by trying to make it look like the ALF. The real message is "Hey, Humane Society, stick to cats and dogs and don't concern yourself with the welfare of animals in meat production! We'll treat and slaughter them however the fuck we want!"

For the disbelievers, please visit and check out the pages under Articles tab as well as page 9 on the Dept. of Homeland Secuirty page (pages 1 -10 make for a good read and introduction to the seedy world of domestic terrorism masquerading as animal rights activists). HSUS and their affiliates (PeTA, ASPCA, FFA, etc) are also under Federal Investigation by the IRS. As for the Missouri contingency, well, it's about time ag and pet breeders/owners unite to stop these gangsters that also just happen to support terrorism. There is alot happening (crime) the Feds are keeping under wraps as they build the case against HSUS and their "associates". Thank you for your serious consideration.

@wolfdogged: Thanks for the site; I checked it out & it helps clarify things:

The video above is part of a battle over two specific pieces of legislation:

1. "The Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act," which HSUS supports and MAC opposes (text at; and

2. HJR 86, a proposed Missouri constitutional amendment, which MAC supports and HSUS opposes (text of various versions at

The HSUS-supported initiative sets out in pretty plain language some requirements for the humane treatment of animals by breeders; the MAC-supported constitutional amendment is an attempt at an end-run around the first. (I think that) the first is a ballot initiative that would be voted on by the public whereas the second is an effort either to limit the impact of the ballot initiative by saying that it couldn't require breeders to actually spend any money if their breeding programs are inhumane or to make a public ballot initiative on humane treatment of animals impossible by saying that such legislation can only be adopted by the legislature.

On the face of it, the puppy mill legislation looks completely unobjectionable to me, and MAC's political tactics seem pretty slimy. In any case, what's certainly clear is that the video above is bullshit propaganda as it relates to the specific legislation at hand. My guess is that actual pet owners (like me), once informed about the actual content of the initiative, would support it & that MAC knows this. As big agribusinesses, they are likely counting on their political contributions to block similar legislation in the legislature if they can get the amendment passed. The video puts MAC's position in the mouth of the "little guy" pet owner and tries to scare pet owners into thinking their pets will be taken away -- a complete mischaracterization of the issue. I note that the Humane Society of Missouri (one of those non-HSUS humane societies) supports the initiative along with the ASPCA, etc. See

Regardless of how you feel about this legislative battle, it's also clear that it has noting to do with "ecoterrorism" or anything like that.

@ Diane: I checked your site too. It's an anonymously registered site with no information about its producers -- so I'm skeptical about it as a source in the first place. Since they reprint material from Rick Berman's "Center for Consumer Freedom," which is a bullshit front group for the food industry, so I'm not going to take anything there too seriously.

But as far as the specific document you mention, the wikileaked Department of Homeland Security report on "ecoterrorism," please see the following letter of apology from DHS to HSUS for the allegations therein:

It reads, in part: "In that document, the [HSUS is] inappropriately described as having "known or possible links to ecoterrorism..." This is obviously an erroneous allegation....[T]he [HSUS] and Fund for Animals do *not* have any of the links alleged in this unapproved document...[A]ny existing copies of it are to be immediately destroyed."

The group responsible for this video, Missourians for Animal Care, is opposed to a ballot initiative called the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act. This initiative would improve standards of care for dogs at Missouri's commercial breeding facilities and would cap the number of intact dogs per facility at fifty. It only covers dogs sold commercially as pets -- no other species of animal -- and includes a specific exemption for hunting dogs, making it clear that this measure would not impact sportsmen or agriculture. There is more information available at

I'd encourage anyone who is interested to read the actual language instead of relying on hearsay. You can view the proposed measure through the Secretary of State's website at Another helpful read is the report recently published by the St. Louis Better Business Bureau regarding puppy mills -

Wayne Pacelle and the H$U$ want money and for everyone to become vegan. He is an arrogant LOBBYIST and I for one am sick of the same bills introduced year after year for MSN - get a clue - we are sick of the rhetoric. Wayne should be concerned more about the H$U$ tax exempt status and the Al Capone type RICO charges filed recently - see below...

Racketeering Lawsuit Filed against HSUS and its Lawyers by Feld Entertainment, 16 February 2010
This document is a federal lawsuit filed on February 16, 2010 by Feld Entertainment (the parent company of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus) under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.

Feld is suing:
â¢The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS);
â¢The Fund for Animals (which merged with HSUS in 2004);
â¢Jonathan Lovvorn, an attorney employed by HSUS;
â¢Kimberly Ockene, an attorney employed by HSUS;
â¢The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA);
â¢The Animal Welfare Institute;
â¢The Animal Protection Institute (d/b/a/ Born Free USA);
â¢Tom Rider (a discredited witness in a recently dismissed lawsuit against Feld, who a judge ruled was paid at least $190,000 for his testimony);
â¢Meyer Glitzenstein & Crystal (the outside law firm which handled that lawsuit against Feld);
â¢Katherine Meyer (of Meyer Glitzenstein & Crystal);
â¢Eric Glitzenstein (of Meyer Glitzenstein & Crystal);
â¢Howard Crystal (of Meyer Glitzenstein & Crystal); and
â¢The Wildlife Advocacy Project (a nonprofit organization founded and managed by Meyer Glitzenstein & Crystal, which was used as a pass-through vehicle to allow animal rights groups to pay Tom Rider for his discredited testimony against Feld).

The central claim of the lawsuit (see page 13 of the PDF) is:
[D]efendants have perpetrated and continue to perpetrate multiple schemes to permanently ban Asian elephants in circuses, to defraud FEI of money and property and/or to unjustly enrich themselves, with the ultimate objective of banning Asian elephants in all forms of entertainment and captivity. To carry out these schemes, defendants conspired to conduct and conducted the Enterprise through a pattern of, among other things, bribery and illegal gratuity payments (in violation of both state and federal law), obstruction of justice, mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering. (emphasis addad)

@ Hilary: thanks!

@ "Carol"

I notice that your name links to, another Rick Berman front site; for that reason alone, I won't take anything you say seriously; in truth, the fact that Berman is against the HSUS is now pretty much a stamp of approval for it in my book. Whoever you are, you've succeeded in pushing me into the HSUS camp!

To all: It's funny. I'd heard a bunch of these accusations against the HSUS before, and they'd actually worked; I basically had a negative impression of the organization. But for some reason, when I watched this video, it just seemed a little *off,* and I decided I needed to check things out. From my comments above, you can see that it doesn't take much digging to find out that all this anti-HSUS stuff is a bullshit smear campaign by big corporations posing as, you know, "concerned citizens." The fact that no one has responded to the specifics of my comments and that a few trolls are now showing up to post more random accusations against the HSUS just makes me more confident of my conclusions.

For all the HSUS lovers and need to broaden your search about HSUS information! There are several books out there that tell the facts. One new book, by Wesley Smith: A Rat Is A Pig Is a Dog Is A Boy, lays out the entire animal rights agenda and how the HSUS and other organizations are creating LAWS to regulate, restrict and prohibit animal ownership and breeding. HSUS and others are spending millions on lobbying for laws and for certain AR friendly legislators. In fact this lobbying has gone so far that the IRS is now investigating the HSUS for FRAUD regarding their non-profit status. Additionally, for those who want the EASY ANSWERS go to and read any of the articles on that site. I know some of the people who wrote their comments and have confirmation from people ON SITE about the HSUS Katrina tom foolery. I have been watching the animal rights orgs work for the past thirty years and they have done their best to change our society into VEGANS. That is the animal use whatsoever. HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle stated: "One generation and out. We have no use for domestic animals. They are the result of selective breeding by man." Does that mean these orgs care about wildlife? NOPE. "We have no interest in whether animals become extinct or not." So, there you have it. The HSUS and their AR buddies are NOT PRO ANIMAL!!!! WAKE UP!

By Laurella Desborough (not verified) on 23 Apr 2010 #permalink

In reply to the comments I have been reading here:

katedevil: The financial information comes right from the HSUS tax form 990, which all non-profits are required to file and make public. They can be found on the HSUS site. A quick web search will reveal any other information you may be looking for, often in the original context, so there can be no mistaking the intent of the comments made or the figures quoted.

01jack: That is their intent. It is the major reason they push spay and neuter laws and ordinances. Wayne Pacelle himself is quoted as saying, in part, "One generation and out.", when referencing the end of ownership of animals.

Graham Clark: So, this is why they run those ads to help the animals that convince people they are giving to a national organization that helps local shelters. Most of the monies collected go to lobbying campaigns, which, beyond minor lobbying activities, is banned by law for 501c(3) corporations, which HSUS is.

James Davis: You seem to be going a bit far to claim they are a front for ALF. They neither seem to hinder or help ALF.

Esteban: You cannot kill the message, so you try to kill the messenger. Go, visit the HSUS site. See what they say they do, and then look at what they are really doing. You will find a two faced organization working on one had to keep the money flowing in, while also working to end ALL animal ownership and turn us into a nation of at least vegetarians, if not vegans.

Hillary: You are a shill for HSUS. You know what the end goals of HSUS are. Why not be honest and tell the unsuspecting public to clarify matters for them. Let them know what you do once you get a foot in the door, ever trying to tighten limits imposed by your initiatives you managed to hoodwink the public into passing, the vague and unclear language in California's Proposition 2, leaving the chicken industry out on a limb with many of them seriously considering moving their operations out of state. I really do not know how you and your friend Sarah can sleep at night.

Carol: For the skeptics here, you should probably make it clear that HSUS was not involved in the original filing of the suit, which was done by, I believe, the Fund for Animals, but did become involved after the merger with them.

Esteban: Again you are showing your prejudice in this matter. Do the research again, and this time really do it. You'll find that all the information found on Rick Berman's site, is based upon fact. There is no need for lying or coloring the case against HSUS. Just ask Hillary, if you can get a straight answer from her. She knows. She works for HSUS.

The information is out there. You will find how HSUS stages stunts they call raids, and sets them up for their advantage. How they swoop in, get the photos and video, and leave local organizations holding the bag while they use the publicity and photos and videos to raise even more money from the unsuspecting public.

By lynnes honey (not verified) on 24 Apr 2010 #permalink

Do u all remember the importation act of 92??? That was just the start. Remember 1940'Germany? That was just the start. People never thought it would happen that we could never import birds into the USA, but guess what, it did happen! I know if you jump threw a million hoops and have special permits you can. But the average person can't and won't do that.
I'd like to see them spend ALL THAT MONEY that they say they are using to HELP REALLY USED TO HELP ANIMALS ! Not for paying big salaries !
I admit I haven't read all of these posts, but I want government and those so called do gooder's OUT OF MY LIFE AND BUSINESS !!

By Pat Chinnici (not verified) on 24 Apr 2010 #permalink

HSUS does not support local humane shelters. HSUS uses Katrina, the Cuban earthquake, a puppy mill story to raise funds for ITS agenda which is 1. pay executive and other employees of HSUS huge salaries. 2. use its funds primarily to promote its legislative agenda 3. its agenda is to stop pet ownership in America 4. destroy animals that are in any kind of relationship with human kind-be it a pet, a farmer or a breeder.

Get a clue, saying it ain't so, because it' so far out. How clueless are you??? Wake up!! As Mulder would say, "the truth is out there."

Thank you Devorah for having the courage to post this.

FYI, the Atlanta Station(which is part of Devorah's video) was pulled off u-tube because HSUS threatened the station with many, many lawsuits, so the station bowed.

It's too bad the station went along with the HSUS, but maybe it wouldn't have changed any minds, because people cannot acknowledge the truth.

Hope you don't like animals because they ARE after your dog, cat, etc. Why do you think there has been an increase in zoning and permit laws concerning animals and pets locally??

Yes, we are losing our freedoms (freedom to see a video about the other side), the freedom to have a pet or breed animals or to be a farmer and raise livestock, ask your neighbor, maybe they've noticed or will tell you the truth!!

@ Laurella Desborough:

Here are a few things to consider, Laurella:

1. If you want to convince me of anything, it is better not to ignore the points I have made. So far, the discussion has gone like this:

Person A: The HSUS is bad because of A, B, & C; see website!
Me: [refutes A, B, & C, discredits]
Person C: But the HSUS is bad because of D, E, & F; see website!
Me: [refutes D, E, & F, discredits]
Person D: But the HSUS is bad because of G, H, & I; see website
Me: etc. etc.

Just structurally, this is not a logical argument; it does not refute the points I have made about the dubious sources of anti-HSUS rhetoric and the misleading characterization of specific legislation involved in the posted video. Far from making me think there are other accusations against HSUS I need to investigate, it makes me think there must be no way to refute the conclusions I have drawn, thus making me more secure in them. You should also be aware that the use of random CAPITALIZATION and excessive punctuation makes you sound IRRATIONAL!!!!!!!! Creative orthography does not strengthen a poor argument. It may however be effective as a smear tactic of course -- throw as much shit as you can and see what sticks. As the comments pile up, it is more and more clear that this is what's happening.

For any of GrrlScientist's readers who are still following this -- and for the GrrlScientist herself, I have gone through your "citations":

1. Wesley Smith, author of *A Rat Is A Pig Is a Dog Is A Boy* is a fellow at the Discovery Institute ( ), an organization that "supports the work of scholars who challenge various aspects of neo-Darwinian theory and scholars who are working on the scientific theory known as intelligent design" ( ) and doesn't believe in climate change. His book is published by Encounter Books, which seems to specialize in hackjobs of President Obama ( ). I know this is guilt by association, but he does not look like a credible source to me. I will not read his book.

2. The IRS is not investigating the HSUS for fraud. There is a campaign to try to get them to do so. The campaign is headed by Frank Losey, a lobbyist for the Missouri Pet Breeders Assn, which takes us back the legislative fight in that state which I have covered above. (See and .)

3. I see that is a campaign site generated by the National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA), so I checked out NAIA's Board members. ( )The first three are:

Tom Albert, Vice President of Government Relations for Feld Entertainment, Inc., parent company of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, which has had run-ins with the HSUS over the treatment of elephants.

Lance Baumgard, a Professor at The University of Arizona whose specialty is "improving efficiency of animal production" ( ); and

Sharon Beck, a past president of the Oregon Cattlemen's Association who got caught up in a fight between cattle ranchers wanting to use public land and environmentalists wanting to protect endangered wolves. "We're not raising beef for wolves," she says. "We're raising it for profit." ( )

So whatever you want to say about these folks, it's clear to me that they aren't motivated by a love of animals. They are protecting their economic interests. I understand that, of course, but it's dishonest for them to represent themselves as underdog pet owners fighting against terrorist wackos. What their really saying is "Our right to make a profit is more important than some dumb wolf."

@ lynnes honey:

you clearly have not read my comments. I did some careful research and drew some very specific conclusions about the video posted here. I cited my sources. You're right that I dismissed anything produced by or associated with Rick Berman. He is not a "messenger": he is a piece of shit. If any of the claims he makes are legitimate, they should be independently verifiable. If you want to convince me, just engage the specific arguments I've made and cite trustworthy sources.

@ Pat Chinnici:

You are comparing the holocaust to the difficulty of getting permits to sell birds. Get a grip.