Sonnenuntergang, 6

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Sunset Over Frankfurt am Main.

In the distance are the bright yellow fields of blossoming Rapeseed, Brassica napus, that contrast with the green of other crops.

Nordwestzentrum, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Image: GrrlScientist, 4 May 2010 [larger view]

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Dear GrrlScientist
Another beautiful image from you. Thank you.
Do I assume correctly that you captured this nice sunset in the general direction of Wiesbaden and points between it and Frankfurt Stadtmitte?
The Nordwestzentrum you mention is a lot newer than this oldtimer's years in Frankfurt. Is it near the Messegelände?

By ragmaniac (not verified) on 06 May 2010 #permalink

My very dear Grrlsctrjhrth[
Since you made Frankfurt am Main a key item in more than one of your blogs, perhaps it might occur to another reader (it did to me) that you may also be open - inclined - available - to engage in peripheral Frankfurt issues that may not be precisely germain to your posts of very pretty photos. My simple text post from May 6 (it's not very long ago, and forgive me if I complain too soon) is still awaiting your reply involving the science of geography.

It is this reply which will control my future conduct with respect to my assumption(s) about your beautiful Frankfurt picture contributions. Cordially, HGM.

By ragmaniac (not verified) on 10 May 2010 #permalink