Mouse Agility Course

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Training animals (and people) to do what you wish them to do is a vanishing art. However, there is a training method that is gaining popularity for teaching animals, ranging from rodents to whales, to perform certain behaviors on command. This training method is clicker training. Here is one example of clicker training with a common ordinary pet mouse, where it has been trained to follow an obstacle course that is truly epic in its size.

How the heck did this mouse keeper train this beast to perform like this? In short, he used clicker training. When you watch this video, you'll see one of the tricks used in clicker training, a target stick that animals are trained to go to:

And more on mouse agility training:

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I wonder if it follows an olfactory trail to be able to follow that long track or if it really has that good memory.

The video showed Barnabas cheating, and then at the end when the video mentioned 'featured mice' it was 'Branabas RIP'. Apparently mice that do not follow the rules get fed to the cat.....

By Prof.Pedant (not verified) on 14 May 2010 #permalink

So when will we Orpheus performing in this fashion?

By biosparite (not verified) on 14 May 2010 #permalink