ABC Nightline Twittercast: Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Let's kick off Silly Saturday with an interesting ABC twittercast debate about legalization of marijuana. This video is amusing because, as one person observed, it's like watching a scientist argue with a 9-year-old about the existence of Santa Claus. [Despite the moron guest on this twittercast, I find this interesting because it suggests an alternate medium for future news casts to utilize -- twitter -- and these so-called "twittercasts" can become much more interactive with the public]

Part 1: warming up the argument:

Part 2: including tweets for the smart guest and the moronic guest to respond to:

Part 3: talking about legal drugs and proud American traditions like growing and using tobacco, hemp, cocaine, and alcohol, and, oh, don't let me forget to mention a couple more proud American traditions, racism and sexism:

Part 4: even the host has to lecture the moron guest about who is legally allowed to use drugs (cuz he's too stupid to figure it out for himself):

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He's not stupid. He's a liar-for-hire.

It would be nice if neither one of them were using their shouting voices.

By Prof.Pedant (not verified) on 22 May 2010 #permalink

Ah, Twitter, the icing on the cake of entropy.

It did disappoint me when St-Pierre said that pot has an LD of 50, showing that he doesn't understand the concept. Other than that, the "BRIAN, BRIAN, BRIAN! HEY, BRIAN!" part was very amusing.

St. Pierre made many great points backed with scientific research on the topic while the "liar-for-hire" promoted outdated ideas and beliefs on this topic that, for some reason, can't stop getting rehashed. However, they both acted a bit like children vying for the attention of a single mom with their yelling instead of rationally talking. Good thing this wasn't about abortion, eh?

By Jessidork (not verified) on 23 Jun 2010 #permalink