(info?)Graphic Depiction of Gulf Oil Spill

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Below the fold (due to its large size) is an infographic depiction of the Gulf oil spill, including a timeline of the spill, the numbers of lives impacted, and last but not least, a graphic that compares this leak to others. You'll be astonished to see just how small this spill is compared to the Iraq war "spill" where more than 500 million gallons of oil were intentionally dumped into the environment. The scale of our greed is truly sickening.


Data sourced from BBC. Many thanks to Claire from IGLU Cruise for sending this to me. Here's the link to the original graphic, which is easier to read since it is not limited to 500 pixels wide.

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Something's not right here. The comparison to other spills graphic is seriously messed up. Look at the numbers.
38 is 7.3% of 520. There is no way the area of the Deep Horizon circle is 7.3% of the Gulf War circle.
Whoever made that image is mixing up diameter with area.

Hi Sean, I saw your page shortly after I wrote my comment above. Glad I got it right. :-)
The people who put that together really should have known better. I've made the same mistake in the past, but I was 12, and my maths teacher corrected me immediately.

They even got it wrong for diameter. Somebody really seems to be trying to minimize the current spill.