Best Church of God Vs. An Atheist

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A silly video about a bunch of wackaloon religious wingnuts and an atheist humanist discussing religion and how god forces people to live moral and decent lives. (The video is silly, but the protest signs are rather amusing).

The Best Church of God takes on heretical "humanist" Greg Epstein, famed author of the controversial book, "Good Without God."-- edited by Aemilia Scott

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Have you noticed that sometimes when you meet really religious type of people the sincerity that they claim god gave them doesn't reflect what sincerity actually is. Talking to an atheist they will look you in the eye and speAk to you with respect. Talking to a pious religious person what you get is an undertone of ha ha your going to hell, allot of these people don't really care for you it all revolves around not having the answer at hand and I think it's a problem that
most people with religion have aNd therefore are not living a truthful carding life.

You all realize this is satire, right? These "wackaloon religious wingnuts" are actually an award-winning comedy troupe from Chicago. Check out their for a mountain of funny anti-religious satire.