Ravel on the Vuvuzela

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Those of you who think Germans can't laugh have not lived in Germany. Die Zeit (The Time), a left-leaning German weekly newspaper that is highly respected for its quality journalism, has recorded a vuvuzela mini-concert. In this charming video, three brass players from the Berlin Konzerthaus Orchestra, led by "ensemble abrassador," Helge von Niswandt, give a mock-solemn demonstration of the musical properties of the vuvuzela. They do their level best with the chorale theme from Brahms's First Symphony -- "the famed vuvuzela chorale" -- and a bit of Ravel's Boléro.

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I laughed so hard the dog ran ran into the room to see what's up. Watch Helge's face grow redder and redder playing Bolero.

I heard part of the "Bolero" and wondered how long it would be before we hear the vuvuzelas on our playing fields !!

@Lassi: part of what makes Germany do so well is that we stopped giving a flying **** about what Hitler thinks a while ago. ;)

There is something very Pythonesque about this performance. Could British humor now be infecting Germany?