AT-AT Day Afternoon

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This NYC-dog-walker-on-hiatus-and-star-wars-fan loves this video! If this video doesn't make you pee your pants by the end, well, you've clearly not had enough to drink!

AT-AT day afternoon from Patrick Boivin on Vimeo.

Music by Blithe Field Bible School.

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I have never in my life had enough to drink or drugs of any kind to make this more than mildly amusing. Nothing here is even remotely original or creatively stimulating. But maybe as a grade-school project, it's pretty good.

Hey asshole, why don't you blow it out your ear. This is a cool movie. Quit hating on the world just because you are fugly and no one will sleep with you.

By Bartholemew Dr… (not verified) on 04 Jul 2010 #permalink

I love it. So cute!

By fullerenedream (not verified) on 05 Jul 2010 #permalink