Orientation Day in the MSM

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This video is a rather .. interesting ... look at the challenges of working as a journalist in the mainstream media in these technologically challenging days.

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So sad, so true, and so funny (albeit in a dark humor sort of way). And that's why I get my news from blogs, where people are open about being biased!

with rare exceptions, i think that "lack of bias" also means "lack of (com)passion" about a particular story, which means the desire to get to the heart of the truth is probably lacking as well.

Sounds like every single corporation in existence.

"How to grovel for a meager existence by lying to yourself about a job where the company lies to itself."

Hey, I think I'm going to go incorporate myself so I can get some of my rights as a person back...also, if somebody sues me, I'll be a corporation against an individual person...the Roberts court will back me up every time!