Apologies for the Hiatus

The good news: I successfully defended my Ph.D. dissertation last Thursday. The bad news: I have not blogged for over a week now. My apologies for the long hiatus but please watch for new material very soon...


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Congratulations. Now you can (and should!) prepare to change the "Ph.D. candidate ..." line in the brief note below your picture.

Congratulations!! Does this mean I get to refer to you as Dr. Jacquet?

Dr. Jacquet, congratulations!

By chrismartell@mac.com (not verified) on 04 Aug 2009 #permalink


By Richard C (not verified) on 04 Aug 2009 #permalink

Outstanding news. Congratulations.

Now get back to work meeting our needs for crunchy, deep-dish blogalicious goodness. Feed us Seamo ... er... (very soon to be official) Dr.Jacquet.

Congratulations! I only hope that I can do so well when I'm in the same position in a couple of years.

By ABradford (not verified) on 05 Aug 2009 #permalink