I Love This Graphic

It's an New York Times oldie but goodie and I think one of the best graphics I've seen: savings versus debt of the average American household through the decades. I'd love to see one of these for fish catches in comparison to marine protected area (MPA) delegation.

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I've been wanting to experiment with the new HTML5 canvas element. Your idea is perfect for that. Any idea where I can find that data?

Bruce, That would be great! I will send you soon an excel file with global fisheries catches (from FAO 1950 to present). I am trying to locate the data for the area set aside as marine protected areas from the same time period and will be in touch.

That bubble in savings during the mid-40s is interesting: War Bonds?

And seeing how mortgage debt has sunk down into a deep trough (or is it a trench?)is scary. Even more so when one sees the associated level of savings has pretty much died off.

Fisheries scientists on using global catch data - "All of the earlier work had only always relied on the global data, which was catch. We realized that catch data was just too crude a measure of what was going on in fisheries, we needed to look at abundance."

Thank you, Jennifer. I've received it and I'll have a look at it soon.