Most Arctic Sea Ice Records already set with still 4 weeks to go

So as I warned about some weeks ago, almost all of the record lows are already broken in the arctic sea ice front.  Neven seems to have the best discussions going, but he is on holiday for the next couple of weeks.  You can see almost all (all?) of the scientific surveys of the various ice metrics in this single page jam packed with graphs here.  It's a fantastic resource with links to all the original data sources.  I found it at Neven's, not sure if he created it but many thanks are owed to whomever it was.

And we still have as much as 4 weeks of likely declines remaining!  A truly stunning occurrence and something no model out there comes close to explaining, much less predicting.

Meanwhile, in a hilarious grasping at straws attempt at distraction, Anthony Watts points us at the South Pole with an explanation for the observed warming of the Antarctic Peninsula. WAIT! DON'T CLICK THAT LINK!!  Not until you have swallowed your coffee at least, because I kid you not, he is telling his ditto-heads that rapid warming on the Antarctic Peninsula is a result of...not anthropogenic CO2, not sunspots, not natural cycles, but urban heat island effects!

I could not have made this sh*t up, bless his black heart.

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Sorry coby, I had to click on the link! It's like looking at a car crash - you know you shouldn't look but you can't help yourself.

And my god, it's crazy town over there. He finishes the thread with this quote:

".....Regarding that rapid warming of 2C in the last 50 years, just remember that most weather stations in the Antarctic are near humanity, and humanity requires warmth to survive...."

Yes, that's right, wattsupmybutt is so much of a one-trick pony that he can see UHI everywhere. He is the Joseph McCarthy of climate change - there is UHI under our beds!

Fortunately I was not drinking anything when I read your summary - that would have definitely cost me a keyboard. I am NOT clicking that link!

Btw, Neven does maintain that graphics page. Many of the links were submitted by his excellent commenters.

Aparently it gets even better! Via Big City Liberal I see that the picture Watts used to convince his non-sceptic followers of his UHI thesis was of a non-climate record related station at a temporary encampment on the wrong side of the antarctic continent! (see here)

(my poor, over-slapped forehead...)

I am sure a correction is coming shortly!


I had to read it for myself. It's too hysterical. Watts has completely collapsed mentally. It's all about denying to the death. He will die on this mountain.

Thanks for the heads up!