Japanese Create "See-Through" Frogs

Those crazy Japanese have done it again! By combining two types of recessive genes that cause frogs to be pale, they have created a frog with almost transparent skin. Unfortunately for the frogs, the advantages to testing on a see-through critter are numerous. For example, "You can see through the skin how organs grow, how cancer starts and develops," explained the lead researcher Masayuki Sumida, professor at the Institute for Amphibian Biology of state-run Hiroshima University. "You can watch organs of the same frog over its entire life as you don't have to dissect it. The researcher can also observe how toxins affect bones, livers and other organs at lower costs."

i-6df6efe65fe104d1416241286d1d5564-see through frog 3.jpg
Thanks to its transparent skin, scientists now know that this frog died of a broken heart.

In addition to some types of cancer, numerous organs, blood vessels and...

...even eggs can be viewed through the frog's skin without having to dissect the animal. Basically it's a win/lose situation for the frogs who now get to live longer with the various diseases and clever mutations scientists think up for them.

i-bcc3d66408fd1ff5dd8cf8c651e86a1c-see through frog2.jpg
When I grow up, I want to be a terrarium for cancer!

The see-through frogs, or "organ bags" as we like to call them, were developed from mutant Rena japonica also known as Japanese brown frogs. Apparently this is the first transparent four legged creature ever created so obviously Sumida is racing to "patent the sh*t out of it." (a rough translation)

i-505a38ba2d14ef549f6d929e7ba451c1-see through frog1.jpg
"Ribbit-kill-me-now, ribbit-kill-me-now..."

Sure, he's smiling on the outside....

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