I Want To Debate Sarah Palin


Everyone's worried that no matter what Biden says on Thursday, Republicans will cry 'sexism'. Well I'm a woman too. So why not? No I'm not on any ticket, but consider: I've got more experience in Washington than the governor and arguably better ideas on energy, foreign policy, the economy, and homeland security.


Please oh please?

There's more... Sarah's not so into natural history, I worked at the Museum of Natural History. She was mayor of a small northern town, and I lived in Old Town, Maine. She supports oil drilling, I don't. I'm pro-choice, Sarah's not. I've had my passport longer and you bet I love our troops and the fishing industry too. She did the sports anchor thing, I did pop radio. She played basketball and went by 'barracuda' and I played soccer and have a strong affinity for sea cucumbers. Fuzzy logic, you say? Americans love fuzzy logic on the campaign trail.

But seriously folks, you want a real debate? I'll give America one...old school. None of this Jim Lehrer 'conversation' where we never make eye contact and spend two hours talking past each other. It's not a cordial tea party, they're called debates for a reason.

Because I've got some real serious questions for the individual who might one day be president. Someone's got to step up and make it clear that we're not going to settle for sound bytes on script while tiptoeing around issues that matter. This is the United States and it's our duty as citizens of this great nation to demand better.

Please let me debate Governor Palin.


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I'd love to see it and think you'll talk circles around her.

I had some tinned Alaskan Salmon the other day, and I'm pretty sure it could have beaten Palin in a game of trivial pursuit.

I'm looking forward to the VP debate. I'm sure Biden doesn't like being completely ignored as he has been since the Republicans announced their candidate. I hope he takes out his frustration on Palin. Really, there's no need for mercy because Palin is a newbie or a woman, if she can't hold her own in a debate, scripted or otherwise, she doesn't deserve to be Vice President, that's pretty simple.

What would be really sexist and demeaning is if Biden patronizes her by not running intellectual rings around her (which I'm fairly confident he can). It'd be like saying "There there Sarah, it's okay if you don't know anything about foreign policy, you're just a woman".

Just the intelligence of the post you just wrote qualifies you way more than this female GOVERNOR, who can't put two cohesive sentences together.
How she became the governor of Alaska is a quandary.
I think her appeal is that she is a 'hot chick' on an otherwise very dull, tired, and corrupt-carrying ticket.

Kirshenbaum for VP! I'd vote for you any day, Sheril!

The truth is that if you were able to debate Palin, regardless of content of the debate, her supporters would see only a great victory, and your choir could boast no more than an excellent sermon.

hear hear

But can you match her vast "executive experience"? And what foreign countries can you see from your window?

Aw heck, go for it!

Hellz Yah!

This sounds like a marvelous idea.

On a more serious note - I'm hoping Biden is very cordial Thursday night towards her - and speaks entirely about Obama (positively of course) and McCain/Bush (negatively of course.)

bring it on sheril! you better hope your beauty pageant video doesn't make it on youtube though!

It doesn't matter what Biden says or does, Rick & Steve have it all mapped out:

Biden doesn't look at Palin when she speaks: he's dismissive.
He looks at her when she speaks: he's leering.
He smiles or laughs: he's mocking her.
He maintains a poker face: he's trying to intimidate her.
He calls her Sarah: he's talking down to her.
He calls her Governor Palin: he's patronizing her by being overly deferential.
He interrupts her: he's a bully.
He doesn't interrupt her: he's a wimp.

There is nothing he can do that will not be immediately attacked by the McCain surrogates, who are probably already memorizing all the responses. It's what they do best.

Gerry, Love your comments.

yea, Sheril! Who's wearing the lipstick now?!

Can you please present your "arguably better ideas on energy?" All I see is a link that presents the candidates partial opinions on energy policy followed by a plethora of uninformed partisan comments.

Rather than waste you precious time debating Sarah, why not put your money where your mouth is and debate me on the subject of energy.

Posted by: Dan
Looks like Sheril's preoccupied, but you'll find some cool ideas at the energy blog.

Thanks for the link, I like the backing of efficiency standards, but I am thirsting to drink from Sheril's better ideas on energy.
In the interim, please feel free to review my energy rubric and discussion at Begging to Differ