On The Road

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By the time this post publishes, I'll be on the open road somewhere between the Atlantic and Pacific.  I'm leaving NC a couple months to circle the states for meetings, talks, and some fun along the way.  Stopping soon at UT Austin before heading west to USC where I'm looking forward to catching up with Clifford.  Then up Rt. 1, and Chicago by the AAAS annual meeting for the Valentine's Day Science Of Kissing symposium.  Eventually, hitting up the northeast for a few weeks before looping back to Durham. I'm bringing this dandy little camera called The Flip along for the ride, so while connectivity may be spotty and blogging light at times, you know what that means...

Intersection road trip!

If there's anything in particular readers want to see along the journey, leave a comment or make suggestions on where to stop, eat, and explore...

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If you are stopping by in Chicago, I would very much like to see a photo of the Henry Moore sculpture and the plaque at the historic location where Enrico Fermi and his team achieved the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction on December 2, 1942. Thanks in advance and have a nice trip!

Austin? Gotta have some barbecue. It's beef and not pork for the most part so can be something of a shock to folk from N. Carolina. The Salt lick is good, but I like Ruby's BBQ for pure Austin funk near the University. Music on weekends.