The Republican War on Science Blowout Sale

I know, the Bush administration is history. So, I've argued, is the "Republican war on science."

But if you never yet got a copy of the book of the same name, now's the time--Amazon is selling the paperback, new, for $ 4.99.

I don't usually hawk my wares like this, but that's damn cheap.

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LOL ok time for a sequel. Global warming would be a good topic.


Thank you for the bargain announcement.

While I wait for my copy of the book
to arrive, does it include ideas on how
"science" can have better press?

Additionally, the anti-intellectualism
you mention in the book seems just as
much on the rise.

Even in the highly panned movie "American
Carol", the suggestion that professors
are nothing more than drugged out hippies
trying to bring back the 60s or that being
educated means "hating" America.

What do you think it will take for there
to be a new Renaissance?


Paulie Sabol