Killing Nemo


An article in this week's PNAS reports ocean acidification and climate change threaten reef clownfish. Changing CO2 levels disrupt larvae's sense of smell, which is crucial to survival.

According to Dr Philip Munday, "What our study is showing is that animal behaviour is affected by the acidification of the oceans. It's opening our eyes to another issue of acidification that we need to be aware of."

More at ABC Science...

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What can we do to fix it?

I would put more informed public at number one. Obama or anyone else can eventually do nothing if the public is not interested.

Glad you picked this one up, Sheril -- hot on the heels of the Monaco Declaration it's looking more and more like people are making the connection between acidification and the implications for our emissions targets...

I for one think this is great news. Our herring will come pre-pickled!

*Sigh* In the unedited theatrical release of Soylent Green, we find out the reason that the food of the title is made of ground-up bodies rather than krill is that the ocean ecosystem has gone to pieces. Harry Harrison knew his shit.

In my opinion the largest threat for California are cataclysms and ecological catastrophes. Not important is how many money we have because one tragedy can us take all.