A Note From Sheril

I'm posting this on Sheril's behalf, as she is in the hospital right now:

Dear readers and friends in and out of the blogosphere,

I am extremely appreciative for so many emails during the past week. Thanks for offering your guestrooms, travel recommendations, and road trip advice. Thank you for invitations to speak at universities along the way and participate in dinners and happy hours. I am very glad to know so many thoughtful people follow our blog and have been happy to hear from several old friends I did not realize were readers.

Last week I also began getting emails from many planning to be at the AAAS meeting and the Valentine's Day science-of-kissing symposium. I would love to meet every one of you and am very sorry I will no longer be able to be there. An unexpected emergency in Tempe, AZ sent me to NY for surgery where I will need to stay longer than anticipated, but will be fine.

That said, if you're headed to Chicago, make sure to be at the Kissing session--you're in for a real interdisciplinary treat from a wonderful group of scientists!

I haven't been able to respond to emails yet, but thanks to those who wrote and especially, thanks to everyone reading our blog!


Our thoughts are with Sheril in her recovery. We miss you--and that kissing symposium is missing out on its best discussant!

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Sorry to hear this. Get well soon, Sheril!

By Jon Winsor (not verified) on 11 Feb 2009 #permalink

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

wow, sheril, i am so sad to hear about your recent troubles! take care and please accept my wishes for a speedy recovery!