Genome 10K Project

genome 10K.png Arguably one of the most ambitious ongoing projects is Genome 10K. The goal of this project is to develop a database containing the DNA sequences for 10,000 vertebrate species. According to the website, this comes out to roughly one sequence for every vertebrate genus.

Completion of this database would provide an invaluable resource for researchers, veterinarians, students and anyone else interested in the DNA sequences of assorted vertebrates. Those tasked with completing the project include leading scientists from zoos, museums, research centers and universities world-wide.

There are 120 species already being sequenced!

You can also view the sample database here.

I am looking forward to the completion of this database as I expect it will be a highly valuable tool for comparative physiologists!

Now all we need is a group to develop a database containing gene sequences from invertebrates as well...hint, hint...

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